When Andrew Cuomo was elected the Governor of New York in 2010 most New Yorkers knew that he had his sights set high in politics. By the middle of 2013, most realized those sights were set at the very top, the presidency. Cuomo’s name has been thrown around as a potential candidate for President of the United States in 2016, and he has made various efforts to get himself into the national spotlight to prepare for that campaign. Perhaps his most infamous was the New York State SAFE Act which was passed at the beginning of 2013 in response to the Newton shooting in December of 2012. Cuomo stood up and heralded the SAFE Act as the toughest gun laws in the nation, and noted New York was the first to implement such laws in the aftermath of Newton. Governor Cuomo didn’t even have to say he was running for President, his speech that day was enough to show he was planning on it.

Many would argue that Cuomo would have a tough time if he were to make a run in 2016 for the Democratic nomination. Cuomo trails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren in all polls, however, Cuomo is in that 4th spot consistently throughout. Cuomo has one title working for him that the others don’t, Governor. Cuomo is the governor with the highest percentage for the Democrats, and if liberals decide they want to elect someone from the state level as President, Cuomo would be first choice. With Clinton in a tough spot with her time as Secretary of State and statements she has made after, Biden’s reputation as someone that isn’t taken very seriously and Warren’s title as a Progressive, Cuomo’s liberal gun control, his defense of Common Core and his strong base of support in New York City may give him a springboard, unless he is no longer Governor of New York.

Cuomo faces a tough challenge in this year’s gubernatorial election from Republican Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino. Astorino is running on the promise of repealing the SAFE Act and Cuomo’s Common Core, which have become disasters for New York State. Astorino has pointed out statistics that have been ignored in New York since Cuomo took office, including the fact that New York has the worst economy and job growth in the country. Don’t believe it? Check out the implications from the SAFE Act. Gun manufacturers in New York have been making plans to leave the state since the SAFE Act came out. The SAFE Act was intended to make it difficult for law abiding citizens to purchase firearms with a long acceptance process and heavy restrictions on what could be bought. The definition of an “assault rifle” was changed as well, and thousands of law abiding citizens were made into criminals overnight when this law was passed without the knowledge of the people. Jobs have begun to leave the state as manufacturers move their factories to states with less restrictive laws.

New York’s economic outlook has become even poorer than before Governor Cuomo took office, with New York ranking dead last in that category as well. Cuomo’s plan to help the economy was to raise taxes and to close several job providers across the state, namely state correctional facilities. This has caused only chaos as jobs have either been lost or moved across the state, with little care for the families that were affected. Cuomo has also refused to take hydro fracking as a serious way to grow the economy or create jobs. Cuomo has been sitting on that decision for a few years now, with little chance of him making a public announcement of New York States intentions.

Cuomo has also faced criticism for his remarks that have demonized Conservatives in the state. Earlier this year, Cuomo made the statement that those who support traditional marriage, gun rights and those who are pro-life are extreme Conservatives, and that they have no place in the state of New York. Despite Cuomo’s assault on Conservatives, he refuses to acknowledge the corruption the Democrats in the state have been carrying on for years, another point Astorino is attempting to make public. Cuomo’s New York is a disaster, and if Cuomo were to make a successful bid for President, the country would face similar challenges. So how do we keep that from happening? Vote Cuomo out.

As mentioned before Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is challenging Governor Cuomo in the upcoming gubernatorial election. Governor Cuomo has already released several attack ads accusing Astorino of false charges that have been proven to be untrue. Rob Astorino stands New York’s best chance at turning the state around and preventing Governor Cuomo from running for President in 2016. New York needs a change, and Astorino can provide it. Astorino has already shown he is no friend of Common Core, releasing a video a few months back in which he publically exempted his own children from the Common Core tests. New York needs a leader who has proven he will stand up for the people and what he believes in, which Astorino has proven. Astorino has also promised proper investigations into the ethics violations that Democrats in the states have committed, which is giving the investigation more coverage than before.

Rob Astorino has a real shot at beating Governor Cuomo in this election, but people have to get the word out and support the campaign. Astorino has recently received the endorsement of the Conservative Party, showing Republicans in the state may be able to band together to support Astorino’s bid for Governor. It’s important that people also vote when the time comes, and that they know the issues. I intend to support Astorino as best as I can, through social media, radio and commentary pieces like this.

This year New Yorkers have the chance to show the country how to hold elected officials who aren’t doing their jobs accountable, and I hope that they will and elect Rob Astorino Governor of New York.