Despite widespread assurances that Donald Trump had been defeated, and repealing Obamacare wouldn’t happen, talks have already begun.

Repealing Obamacare wasn’t halted by the Freedom Caucus. Rather, one way of repealing and replacing Obamacare was shown to be a dead end. Yet the media told us it was all over.

But why would it be? If the Republicans don’t succeed in repealing Obamacare, then everyone loses. Donald Trump loses because he made a campaign promise. The Republicans of every label and ideological reputation also lose. The Democrats even lose because as long as Obamacare is imploding it reminds the American people of how awful they are for burdening them with such an awful law.

And, of course, the American people lose.

The Freedom Caucus stuck to their guns and made it clear that they believed that Republicans would lose even more by going with Paul Ryan’s plan.

But there is no reason why Paul Ryan or others couldn’t try a different plan!

According to the New York Times,

Just days after President Trump said he was moving on to other issues, senior White House officials are now saying they have hope that they can still score the kind of big legislative victory that has so far eluded Mr. Trump. Vice President Mike Pence was dispatched to Capitol Hill on Tuesday for lunchtime talks.

“We’re not going to retrench into our corners or put up dividing lines,” House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said after a meeting of House Republicans that was dominated by a discussion of how to restart the health negotiations. “There’s too much at stake to get bogged down in all of that.”

The House Republican whip, Steve Scalise of Louisiana, said of Democrats, “Their celebration is premature. We are closer to repealing Obamacare than we ever have been before.”

Anyone who observes how committed Donald Trump has shown himself to be to keeping his promises should have suspected this would happen. It is no surprise that as a neophyte to Washington, DC, the President might make a mistake. But we make mistakes to learn how to succeed.

Mr. Ryan declined to say what might be in the next version of the Republicans’ repeal bill, nor would he sketch any schedule for action. But he said Congress needed to act because insurers were developing the premiums and benefit packages for health plans they would offer in 2018, with review by federal and state officials beginning soon.

The new talks, which have been going on quietly this week, involve Stephen K. Bannon, the president’s chief strategist, and members of the two Republican factions that helped sink the bill last week, the hard-right Freedom Caucus and the more centrist Tuesday Group.

Of course, since this is a New York Times story, it includes fake news. The reporters write that the Paul Ryan plan “would still leave 24 million more Americans without insurance after a decade,” giving the impression that all these millions would have their insurance taken away from them. No! For many millions, when the penalty for not being insured is abolished, they will choose not to buy insurance. No longer forcing people to buy insurance that they don’t want was a feature, not a bug.