“We don’t believe in capitulating to people who are going to tell us how to run our newspaper,” Steepleton said. “We don’t ask people what we should write beforehand and we’re not going to ask people what we should write beforehand going forward.”

A California newspaper has been the recipient of extreme backlash after publishing a story which carried a headline that wasn’t politically correct, but they’re refusing to back down.

Scott Steepleton is the city editor for the Santa Barbara News-Press, and he wrote an article that featured the word “illegals” in the headline. According to Fox Insider, the use of what Steepleton says is the “appropriate” word to describe illegal immigrants has caused extreme outrage, and even caused people to vandalize the paper’s office.

In the days following the publication of the headline, vandals shot the building with paintballs and painted graffiti reading “Fight Back” and “The border is illegal not the people who cross it.” Angered readers also gathered outside of the paper’s office, chanting and marching in protest of the “racist” word the paper used, despite the fact it’s been in use by them for over ten years.

Steepleton appeared on Fox and Friends Weekend to talk about what happened, and he sent a strong message to those trying to get the News-Press to back down.

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