I just finished watching the latest GOP debate in Jacksonville, Florida, moderated by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Instead of picking apart the performance of the remaining four candidates–something that would be easy to do–I wanted to focus on something positive I saw in each one of them tonight.

Let’s start with Rick Santorum. When asked why his wife would make the best first lady, I found Rick’s answer to be the most authentic and the most compelling. Perhaps it is because I also have seven children and my wife is also my hero. Rick is unquestionably the most pro-life and pro-family candidate on stage. He lives and breathes family.

While Newt Gingrich has had better debates, I found his unofficial announcement of Florida Senator Marco Rubio as a running-mate to be very strategic. Republicans, as a whole, have not been very effective at courting the Hispanic vote. This is unfortunate as Hispanics are very Christian and pro-family and would make great Republicans if they were allowed to legally immigrate to our nation and become productive citizens (something the Left does not want them to do).

Should Newt become the Republican nominee, picking Marco Rubio as Vice President would secure the Hispanic vote and propel him to victory over Barack Obama. I can’t help but point out that Newt also had the best answer as to how specifically his faith would affect his Presidency.

Romney, for the first time, appeared truly Presidential. Despite attacks by the other three candidates, he seemed to rise above them at several points in the debate with ease. That’s all that I will say about Mitt.

Ron Paul, as usual, remained charming and independent. But it was his pledge to cut one trillion dollars in federal spending and reduce the power of the federal government that makes his campaign so attractive. The government has so over-stepped its Constitutional bounds, that it will take something this drastic to get our country back on track economically.

In conclusion, I want to encourage my fellow Republicans not to give up hope. Picking a nominee is a bloody but necessary process. Lord willing, we will eventually unify behind one of these men to defeat Barack Obama in November.