In Part 1, I explained why negative campaigning was not necessarily a bad thing, but that it must be truthful.  And I showed that the charge that Newt resigned in disgrace as speaker is utterly false, as were the charges that he now supports the global warm-mongering scam, and attacked President Reagan.   Here I will address further attacks.

Lobbyist for Freddie Mac?

Yet another false charge.  Newt was a consultant, not a lobbyist.  A consultant gives advice to his employer, while a lobbyist tries to persuade a politician or bureaucrat to grant favors to this employer.  Thomas Sowell, who has himself been a consultant but never a lobbyist, explains:

 As a consultant, I have offered advice to people in government and in private organizations, both businesses and non-profit organizations. But I have never gone to a government official to urge that official to make a decision favorable to those who were paying me, or to those for whom I did free consulting.

It takes two to tango, and lobbying requires not only a lobbyist but also someone who is being lobbied. With more than 500 people in Congress alone who could have been lobbied, and additional officials in the bureaucracies, if Romney cannot find even a single person to say that Gingrich lobbied him or her, then it is long past time for him to either put up or shut up.

On the other hand, if Romney just wants to sling a lot of mud in Newt’s direction and hope that some of it sticks, then that should tell the voters a lot about Romney’s character.

Praise for FDR

This charge is actually one that will not hurt him too much.  After all, most conservative Americans still mysteriously send their children to the government schools to be indoctrinated by members of fanatically Democratic teachers’ unions.  Here is a recent example of explicit pro-Communism indoctrination at an Iowa high school history class.  Thus they imbibe the myth that FDR was the one who rescued us from the Great Depression.  But more educated conservatives know that his policies were disastrous—a continuation of Herbert Hoover’s, which just prolonged the Depression and made it Great (see Patriot column Hoover and FDR: big government Presidents who prolonged the Depression).  So it’s not without reason that they are concerned.

However, Newt makes it clear that he was praising FDR for his leadership in WW2.  Our entry into that war was amply justified (see Patriot column Nuking Japan: a regrettable necessity), and FDR was very effective as Commander-in-Chief.  As I documented in The problem with libertarianism, FDR placed country before his leftist anti-business ideology to win the war.  FDR’s main Republican rival, Wendell Wilkie, whom FDR defeated in the 1940 election, became a strong FDR ally when it came to the war.  What a contrast to many modern Democrats, who preferred to lose the Iraq war just to discredit Bush II.

Reagan also praised FDR as “an American giant”.  Winston Churchill, the mighty British Prime Minister during WW2—who was Conservative and half-American—wrote, “I felt I was in contact with a very great man who was also a warm-hearted friend and the foremost champion of the high causes which we served.”

So if Newt is at fault for praising FDR, then so are Reagan and Churchill.

Asked his first wife for divorce while she was dying of cancer

This is one of the nastiest smears around.  This is such an obvious falsehood that it’s shameful that it ever surfaced.  Obvious?   Yes, this wife is still alive—over thirty years later!  There was no cancer, just a benign tumor, i.e. not cancer, by definition.  Their daughter, conservative columnist Jackie Gingrich Cushman, who maintains a loving relationship with both of her parents, has explained the truth.  Newt went to the hospital so he could take her and her sister to see their mother, not to discuss the divorce.

This is quite a contrast with an almost total media blackout on leading Democrat John Edwards—he fathered a lust child with Rielle Hunter, while his wife Elizabeth really was dying of cancer.


Everyone knows that Gingrich’s personal life has not been the most exemplary, to say the least.  And this can’t be condoned—a severe breach in trust in marriage does not inspire trust in other areas.

All the same, it should not be treated as the unforgivable sin either. He has admitted his failings, and claims to have repented and sought God’s forgiveness.  His detractors are right to say that we can’t know what’s in his heart, but by the same token, they can’t know that his repentance is not genuine either.  He has been married to Callista for 12 years now.

While marital faithfulness is extremely important, this by itself doesn’t guarantee a good president.  Some of our worst presidents, Obama, Carter and Hoover, were faithful family men.

And the various “vote my conscience” types, who declare that they will never vote for a man who has ever had an affair, should consider that voting doesn’t mean approval of a candidate 100%, but preference over the other one.  They need to consider whether their “conscience” will be happy in allowing Obama four years to do far worse. For example, his administration has already started overt persecution of the church; what will he do with another term?  Especially when he would not face re-election, so has nothing to lose by trying to force as much of his anti-Christian Marxist ideology on the nation as possible.

This would not be the first time such a thing has happened.  The Jewish conservative scholar and columnist Dennis Prager tells us what happened in 1992 with an excellent Republican candidate, Bruce Herschensohn:

Apparently, on one occasion, Herschensohn, an unmarried man, had lunch with the woman he was dating and another couple at a strip club. As a result, Herschensohn lost the election and Barbara Boxer has been a senator from California for the last 18 years.

The Left and the Democratic party know how to play many social conservatives like the proverbial violin. As a result, thanks to those who equate sexual sin with character, America lost a truly great man, conservatives lost one of their most eloquent spokesmen of the last half century, and America got Barbara Boxer.

That event scarred me. I do everything I can to see that what happened in California doesn’t happen to America.

Adultery is indeed a serious sin, often with terrible consequences. But I can think of at least two more serious sins. One is character assassination. And the other is electing people who ruin the greatest country in history.

However, there is reason to believe that social conservatives are finally refusing to be “played like the proverbial violin.”  That is, the liberal moderator played that tune in the SC debate, but the largely conservative Christian crowd cheered when Newt knocked him out for the proverbial count.


Most of the charges against Newt are false, and look rather desperate on the part of those attacking him.  Certainly Newt is not without his faults, but the American founding fathers knew that no leader is faultless.  That is why they devised a system of checks and balances to divide power.

The Patriotic duty is to choose the best candidate actually available.  And the best on both policies and conservative record is Newt.  The “vote my conscience”, third-party or stay-at-home crowd should consider that another Obama term would probably irreversibly damage this country.  Our far-left ideologue-in-chief is already overtly persecuting the church, pushing his radical pro-abort agenda, fomenting class warfare, presiding over our first credit downgrade, and throwing Israel to the Islamofascist wolves.  Meanwhile, his EPA taxes the air we exhale, the TSA gropes our children, Obamacare will include healthcare rationing including death panels, he’ll be able to the skew the Supreme Court with far left pseudo-legislators as the constitutionalists retire,  and he fiddles while the mad mullahs of Iran murder dissenters and develop nukes.