If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do (KJV Psalms 11:3)?


When we pause and seriously ponder tragedies like Columbine, Newtown, Aurora, and others, we shouldn’t really be shocked. These are logical and predictable out workings of a philosophical and religious worldview that is taught in government schools and supported and promulgated through our courts. Why is this so? Simple, our biblical foundations, our Judeo-Christian heritage have been destroyed.


The first major foundational cracks occurred in 1962 and 1963 when the Supreme Court ruled Bible reading and prayer in the government schools unlawful. Prior to these decisions, teachers and students were free to express their faith and discuss it in the classroom. In fact, in those days, biblically based ethics were encouraged and enforced. What was right and wrong was pretty clear back then. Not so today.


As time progressed other court rulings further restricted religious expression in our government schools. This presented a real dilemma for school administrations. How could they teach kids right and wrong without a clear standard? How could it be taught that murder, robbery, adultery, rape, and sexual activity outside of marriage were wrong without a religious standard to appeal to?


Students need and want clarity about ethics. It’s only fair that they know the rules. Students want to know why certain things are supposed to be wrong. If teachers could no longer say that something was wrong “because God said so,” what would they do? If a good answer could not be provided students might just decide that certain things are not wrong. As we look around, we realize that many have apparently come to this conclusion.


Consider the consequences of not teaching chastity and the benefits of virginity to our children. Today, we see children, as young as ten years old, having babies. STDs are rampant. 25% of high school students graduate with an STD. Some STDs are deadly. Others can cause cancer, infertility, and other painful physical consequences. Scripture is clear on sexual morality, but the schools cannot share these truths with the students.


Beginning in the early 60s, and as God’s laws were put aside, other standards began to take their place. A moral vacuum was created and soon began to fill with ambiguous and situational ethics. These slowly became the new moral standard and they still prevail today and have great influence. Over time, absolutes in moral thinking have become almost obsolete.


The Supreme Court ban on school prayer and Bible reading has proved to be disastrous for our country. One of the first obvious manifestations of these court rulings and the emerging new ethics occurred in 1973 when abortion was legalized. One day before the ruling abortion was considered to be the murder of a baby, a human being, and a mother could be criminally charged for aborting her child. The next day it was perfectly legal. The baby, now a nonperson, was still dead, but the mother was legally innocent. Today, abortion is as common as the cold. Over 55 million babies have died in the abortion chambers in this country. Life is cheap.


Also, in the 1960s, another interesting thing happened in our schools. It was something so significant that I am now convinced it has proved to be a major factor in many mass murders, suicides, and other horrific crimes.


So, what was it that has had so much influence on us even now, some fifty years later? It was the introduction of the theory of evolution into the school curriculum. Students were no longer taught that they were a special creation of God, but rather an accident of nature. The message of evolution is that human beings have no intrinsic value. They are merely flukes of nature. They are no more than a random, accidental conception.


Evolution arrived quietly in the schools. It was downplayed as just an alternative to consider. Today, it is considered fact. The acceptance of evolutionary thought by our students and our culture has had a great influence on the acceptance of abortion. Abortion confirms that life has no real value.


I remember clearly the very first day evolution was taught in my school, circa 1965. When the teacher announced that we would begin to study evolution, the entire class began to laugh. The general population of that time period believed that it was God who created mankind. Evolution was given little credence. Today, the reverse would be true. It would be the Genesis story that would get the laughs in classrooms.


As floating ethics began to rule the land and the belief that man evolved from the slime was accepted, mankind began to lose its uniqueness and its purpose. The belief that humans no longer had an intrinsic value due to their divine creation began to take hold, especially in the young.


Evolutionary thought has brought with it deadly consequences. Many students over the last five decades, many who are now parents themselves, have come to understand and believe that life really has no eternal purpose. Increasing numbers believe that there is no heaven, hell, or final judgment. It’s just the law of jungle. There is only this life. This is all there is. What a depressing thought. These beliefs rob children and adults alike of a prime need in life: hope.


Again, Scripture speaks to consequences of losing a vision, a view of tomorrow and beyond:


Where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18 KJV).



We can now begin to see how horrible events such as the Newtown massacre are a natural consequence of rejecting God’s standards and accepting evolutionary teaching. The courts and public schools are largely responsible for the propagation of these beliefs and the lack of teaching God’s standards.


Are the courts and schools totally to blame? Of course not. In some ways we all are to blame. Parents are responsible. People who commit these atrocities are responsible as are the ones who do nothing about them.


What can be done? Legislation or Executive Orders won’t fix our violent society or our fallen natures.  I know of only one answer. We must repent of our rejection of God, rebuild our godly foundations, and trust God will again forgive us and heal our land (II Chronicles 7:14). He promises that He will.


Happy New Year Everyone!