As if things are “sensitive” enough in the new military, Obama is now giving awards for Koran Sensitivity, the Bronze Star. There is a bit of a correction to this story from when it was posted, but for the most part the story is still accurate.

Are there awards for Bible sensitivity? Are there awards for Torah sensitivity? No, in the Era of Brown Underwear and Half-Black Most Likely Muslim President we must respect ONE cult over actual religions. But no, we haven’t been infiltrated by Muslims, whose stated goal is to convert all the infidels. Lucky for us, we won’t have to lose our heads over it, because Liberals are just serving us up. If a Muslim shoots a group of soldiers on an army base, well that workplace violence, not JIHAD! The former definition is more “sensitive.” To call that particular incident what it is, well let’s just say that won’t get you an award.

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