Our government is a mess. Once-free Americans now feel small and helpless before the bureaucracy’s massed power and high-handed actions. We are angered and baffled by the indifference of our elected leaders to the broader public interest, and we are fed up with the orchestrated barrage of government propaganda. Today we can hardly escape the smug faces of Hollywood airheads. If they aren’t trying to sell us perfume or underwear or turning in third-rate performances in cinematic flops, they’re trying to tell us how great the State’s socialist policies are. Accolades to the end of freedom are galling and the lies our government promotes egregious, yet we can’t seem to make the criminals pay for their crimes. The president and his closest advisors have been dodging responsibility for their misdeeds all their lives and continue to do so. Our loyal oppositionists, meanwhile, are altogether too loyal. Except for a minority of the righteous, our Republican representatives are unable to wage a war on ideas because they don’t have any.
All around us is disorder, chaos, upheaval and change. Not the change a lot of Americans anticipated, I would guess. Our borders are effectively unpoliced. Violators of our immigration laws have more benefits and rights than the average American and will soon be granted US residence as a fundamental human right if the Marxists and our own blind mice in the GOP have their way. Marriage has fallen to the nihilist’s axe and marriage is not far behind. The phalanx of unwanted elders swells as that last and most privileged generation of real Americans known as the Boomers comes face to face with the realities of old age and the final frontier. At the same time that the number in need of greater care increases, we are fighting off the onset of Obamacare, a more dread disease than cholera. In anticipation of that abomination’s birthing, doctors are relocating into other fields and even other countries. The more numerous the elderly become, the less care they will receive and the less important their views will be in determining that care. Far from having a right to health care, we oldsters will find this right reserved to the young and able-bodied and even they will be at greater risk. The Boomers will have the right to a mandatory and pain-free (maybe) death at the right, Death Panel-determined moment. You will get the chair, so to speak, while murderers will no doubt celebrate the end of capital punishment. And the Marxian social engineers will be more than glad to push us oldies, and the malformed, and the little ones who survive an abortion onto the conveyer belt of compulsory drug overdose or perhaps just drowning in a toilet. Cost-benefit analysis is all the rage, but this time in the service of the State and not the private sector.
If the New Age Tyrants can so easily cast overboard the right to life for millions of Americans, you can take it as a given that they are contemptuous of all the other rights we thought were ours. Our government is spying on all Americans all the time, storing up massive quantities of details about our lives and bodies, and we are told to be grateful the lawless snoops are doing it. Trust us they say. We told your Congress all about it. That’s not only a lie – they didn’t tell them all about it – it’s like saying they told nobody at all, because the Congress is another place where there is never a crime admitted, never any shame felt or displayed, and never, ever any acceptance of responsibility. Our Congress is complicit in the diminution of our liberties. Government officials lie to our face, admit they lied to our face, and that’s an end to it. No crime, no shame, no responsibility. Other officials tell us they don’t have to talk to us; legalistic obstacles are erected to prevent the revelation of our government’s surreptitious activities.
As our society crumbles around us, we watch on our televisions the collapse of the Left’s over-sold and utopian schemata for the whole Moslem world. Washington’s so-called progressives have waged an anachronistic campaign of cultural imperialism, trying to implant by force a system of values that half our own country – the other half, the official half — doesn’t even believe in anymore. We have caused thousands and thousands of deaths, of innocent and guilty, to plant our intellectual flag in distant places where we had no vital interests, our values are anathema, and we are seen not as heroes, but as a corrupt society with a power-hungry government. We have bombed people into submission, imposed incompetent governments, and then left them to flounder. It is no surprise that by embracing any rabble who would carry a gun against our foes we would end up with unstable governments and new civil wars. It was predictable that this rapid introduction of unsustainable change would infect hitherto stable nations with the fever of ethnic, religious or cultural hatreds. Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood are out in Egypt, but violence is waiting in the wings. Turkey’s president also trembles at the rumblings of discord from his realm, where the secularists are fuming at the government’s push toward Moslem fundamentalism. It is no coincidence that both those countries were primary opponents of the secularist Bashar Assad. Now they are in no condition to be supporting fights in other people’s countries. Do you think Iran had something to do with feeding the flames in Egypt and Turkey? Great forces and great interests have been brought into conflict once more. We do not know where we are going. We do not have a plan. All our government knows is that it must be present in all quarrels, everywhere, at all times, public sentiment be damned.
With all the problems on our government’s plate, it still cannot let Edward Snowden go. His great crime wasn’t telling the world we spy on them, because we always have and they always knew it. The crime was to tell Americans that their government now lumps them in with the enemy and treats them accordingly. The crowd desperate to shut Edward Snowden up is twisting or even breaking arms to make our European and other friends do their will and this sad little drama is hard to watch. I feel sorry for Snowden, who deserves asylum. He broke the law, but it was a good crime and we should be thankful to him for tipping the government’s hand. I can only shake my head at the sight of one country after another helping to herd Snowden into the hands of those hunting for him. We know that in rejecting Snowden what all these governments fear isn’t US ire, but the power of the truth. They are as guilty of violating their citizens’ rights as the American government is. This is all about power and all about deceit.
No crimes, no shame, and no responsibility. It’s as true anywhere else around the globe as it is here at home.