Every week, I remind you, dear readers, that we are evolving quickly toward further glorious depths of statist utopia. I present examples to encourage you that (despite how it may appear) man is good, government is god, and chaos is peace.

I remind you of the treasured truth(ish) whereby we tear down our world: we don’t need God. Or His archaic commands about morality. Man is all there is and man knows best. Well, the best men know best…that’s why we trust judges to rule over us.

Judges are chief among our overlords, the masters of our fate, the creators of laws and rumors of laws in our fair land. Even if their rulings are unfair. They know best.

Which why I bring you this great news: a judge has declared child-molestation is no longer a big deal.

A man bearing the title “judge” in California’s Orange County decided that a man convicted of sodomizing a 3-year old girl should not have to serve the minimum sentence for his crime, that 25 years in prison would be “cruel and unusual punishment.”

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