As the sequestration deadline approached the outright lies and fear mongering by the president and liberal elites was so spectacular, I had to wonder whatever happened to the truth. The spin on spending cuts—who was going to get hurt and how bad as well as the outright lie that the president had nothing to do with sequestration—was hard to listen to. One needs to ask not only what the truth is but where is the leadership in this phony crisis? The unfortunate answers are: a) the truth is missing in action, and b) there is NO leadership from Barack Obama.

Few statesman reside in Washington, D.C. anymore, but there are—unfortunately—plenty of politicians. The statesman of yesterday pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to the success or failure of this country. By way of contrast, today’s politicians are careerists committed to maintaining power and control at all costs, even if it means ignoring the truth. There is little integrity, honesty, truth, trust, or leadership to be found in Washington, D.C. The campaigner-in-chief has had multiple opportunities to step up and lead, but instead he continues to campaign, vacation, and distance himself from any responsibility for anything anywhere, including his own ideas.

Thomas Jefferson said “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” The career-minded denizens of Washington D.C. are lacking in both honesty and wisdom. Honesty and Integrity go hand in hand. You cannot believe someone that you don’t trust. Integrity is the most basic building block of leadership, without it there is no trust. Trust is the most important ingredient of any successful working relationship. It is what holds all relationships together. Without trust you will never have a healthy work environment. Integrity builds, TRUST, Establishes HIGH STANDARDS, Builds CREDIBILITY, Leads to INFLUENCE, and puts substance behind the IMAGE. The result is ethical behavior as the practical application of integrity.

My least favorite statement from politicians these days is “I did not break any laws, but ethically and morally that was a bad choice.” Those who make this morally flabby statement might not have broken any laws but what they did to get themselves on the hot seat was certainly unethical. Further, our laws are based on moral and ethical principles. But ethical excuse making is the norm on Capitol Hill and a reflection of the lack of leadership in our nation’s capital. Moral courage is the courage to do the right thing, even when it is hard and does not serve our self-interests. We have yet to see Barack Obama make a hard right choice, yet he has no problem making easy wrong ones.

The decisions leaders such as the President of the United States make set the tone and determine what is considered right in our culture. The current administration’s culture is one of lies, deception, and a total lack of integrity. Without these characteristics, there is no HOPE for good change. Instead we see an unethical administration that is more interested in style than substance and a president for whom being a celebrity is more important than leading. As a result the entire country suffers. The lack of trust and integrity between the House and Senate, as politicians try to advance their private agendas instead of serving the people who elected them, will only get worse with the poor leadership from the top. The president and his fellow liberals want to reshape America in their own image and they are committed to achieving this goal. In the meantime, there is no one left to serve the people.

The lack of truth in Obama’s first term regarding energy independence, deficit reduction, transparency, lobbyists working in the White House is blatantly apparent. Obama’s claim that his would be the most ethical administration ever, even while he was breaking his promise to not hire lobbyists to work in the White House, was laughable. Then hiring a tax cheat to run the Treasury Department made his promises ludicrous. Add to these transgressions the recent revelations that former press secretary Robert Gibbs was told not to talk about or acknowledge the presidents drone program—in other words, to lie about it—and the depths of this president’s depravity become startling apparent.

Even though Obama correctly blamed our economic problems on “bad decisions,” he takes no credit for those decisions. So it should come as no surprise that his second term started out with more agenda driven deception and lies regarding who owns sequestration, and what the real impact will be. The biggest change to expect in the next four years is even more biased press coverage—if that is possible—as former Whitehouse staffers Gibbs and Axelrod go to work for MSNBC. These moves will make NBC an even more sycophantic public relations firm for the White House than it is now—which is saying something. Presidential access will still be for sale as Obama’s former campaign manager Jim Messina will continue to auction off face time with the president for $500,000 a pop. The spin from the Whitehouse is that the campaign organization is independent is ridiculous since they still run the presidents Facebook and Twitter accounts. So the lack of integrity, trust, and truth associated with this president will continue.

When you look at the content of Barrack Obama’s character you see no content, no character, no trust, no truth, no integrity, and no honor. The man has repeatedly lied from the time he took office and has no problem repeating lie after lie as if it is truth. In his arrogance, he appears to believe that if he says something, it must be the truth. His attitude that the world needs to come around to his way shows no sign of changing, so it appears Washington, D.C. will see no good change or progress anytime soon as we continue to deal with a president we cannot trust.