Lately I have been hearing more and more ‘Arm Chair Generals’ spouting off about how good the military has it. This is coming from the same people who never served a day in the military, and have no idea what it’s really like. The latest blast was that not everyone who served in the military did anything heroic, therefore, in order to cut down expenses for the Government, these people should be denied a military honor guard at their funerals. Oh by the way, many of these Honor Guards are done by volunteers.

Granted, the country is in dire financial straits, so any cuts, no matter how small, should be considered. So, let’s consider cutting out the lavish life-style of the Obamas. Why don’t we ground Air Force One? It makes more flights than scheduled airlines, and the pilots are logging more time than a rookie on a beer run. That should also make Al Gore happy because it would reduce the ‘carbon footprint’. The Obama daughters went from a taxpayer-funded vacation at a splashy resort in Bermuda directly to a ski vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho. I guess the saying “like mother, like daughter” is true because Michelle always travels with an entourage and their ‘gaggle’ of friends. Barack (AKA Barry) can’t seem to drag himself off the golf course, so let’s cut that out, and he can stay home and shoot baskets in the White House gym. God knows that after we watched him shoot ‘2 for 22’ free throws he stinks, and can definitely use the practice. Tell Joe Biden that three vacations in three months is more than enough and that we can’t afford any more million dollar hotel bills or limousine rentals. The average American can’t even come close to all these privileged luxuries; most can’t even afford one vacation, and most just settle for a ‘staycation’ and sit out in their own back yard. Nice to be in the nobility of the ‘ruling class’ isn’t it? The Obamas and Bidens have already had about six or more vacations this year, and that’s just the first three months. How many millions did those vacations cost the taxpayers? Wouldn’t all those millions have been better spent elsewhere?

We can also tell all the government employees who didn’t pay their taxes to ante up or they will be checking the want ads to see if McDonalds is hiring. Why have they gotten away with this for so long? If you or I didn’t pay our taxes we would be in jail.

Since the Obama administration never met a tax they didn’t love, I have a suggestion that would not only pay for those pesky funeral costs, but could raise money to pay down the deficit. Let me explain.

In order to enlist in the U.S. Military, you must be between 17 and 35 years of age.

The Supreme Court has already set a precedent for taxing people for something they didn’t do – such as fining them if they don’t buy Obama’s new health insurance. So using that logic, let’s tax everyone between the age of 17 and 35 who has never served in the military, a thousand dollars a year. If you don’t serve at least one enlistment, you pony up a thousand dollars per year until you either enlist or reach the age of 35. Your service MUST be in one of the branches of the armed services. That means, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard or Air Force. PERIOD !!

Service in the Peace Corps, FEMA Youth ( Obama’s American version of Hitler Youth), the National Association of Community Organizers, or any similar organization doesn’t count. You can still join those organizations, but you will still be paying “The Service Tax” until you’ve completed an enlistment in the military.

All we have been hearing the last four years is talk about “fairness” and “equal opportunity”. So, isn’t it ‘only fair’ to provide everyone with an ‘equal opportunity’ to come home in a body bag?

As of March 1, 2013 the population of the United States was 315,608,000. Since there is no way for me to come up with an exact number of people who would be subject to the tax, let’s just figure a million people would have to pay. When you multiple one million times 1000 you get an answer with an awesome number of zeros. Ka-Ching ! look at that money rolling in! Good bye deficit. Doing this would also give the population an idea of what the people who serve in the military go through.

Maybe when you’ve walked a mile in their shoes you may have a change of perspective. Hey, ‘it’s only fair’!!