Most Americans describe themselves as “conservative.” And conservatives, by nature, tend to mind their own business. Unless, of course, their “own business” is being run over by a controlling, liberal president and his cronies.

American conservatives have indeed had to rouse themselves out of a somewhat complacent sleep and get to work. They have done so formidably, as evidenced by the election, in 2010, of a large number of conservative members of Congress. But, more work awaits, and time is fleeting.

With so many focused on the presidential nomination process, conservatives would do well to attend to the congressional and state legislative races in their districts. The election of sound conservatives to local town and city councils, as well as school boards, will provide a “feeder system” of successful candidates at the local level who may well end up in Congress, saying “no” to more government spending.

Those conservative Republicans who were elected, from their communities, to Congress in 2010 have made all the difference in the world, as evidenced by the number of times President Obama and the congressional Democrats have cursed their existence.

Even if the unthinkable happened- if Barack Obama were re-elected- with conservatives having a clear edge in the House and Senate, Republicans could make it very difficult for Mr. Obama and the few liberals left to get more of their agenda passed. Even if an “establishment Republican” president were elected, a truly conservative Congress could nudge that individual in the “right” direction. And, of course, with a truly conservative president, lots could get “undone.”

But, having the right elected officials means attending to the less glamorous details, and doing the grub work that doesn’t always make it in the newspapers or on the important sites. Here are some essential duties for just-awakened “giants” to consider right away in 2012:

1. Educate young voters.

Although the scarcity of jobs has caused many young voters to turn away from the “King of Cool” Obama, who likes yukking it up on their favorite talk shows, those who will vote for the first time in 2012 were only 14 in 2008. If your kids are being educated in a public school, chances are they have not received any in-depth instruction regarding the Constitution and how our government works. That means parents have to fill in these important gaps.

Plan to host a series of pizza parties or barbecues at your house (kids still will do a lot for free food) where part of the action is a video about the Constitution, and what contributed to its design. An absolutely first-class, ready to go curriculum is made available by Hillsdale College. Register for the 2012 course, which comes with study guides to help you lead discussions with your young people. Perhaps some of their parents will want to join in as well.

2. Become aware of election fraud in your area and what is being done to attack its dangerous mission.

Remember that ACORN is no longer calling itself by that name, but it still exists and will be working to make sure its goal of redistributing your wealth to those who will cast votes for liberal Democrats is achieved. Don’t let it happen on your watch! Find out how your community deals with voter fraud. With a conservative organization behind you, you’ll be able to determine how to proceed if you either suspect voter fraud, or you believe your local election officials have no plan to handle it at all.

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