After watching this trial, especially renowned forensic pathology expert Vincent Di Maio’s testimony, I believe that George Zimmerman will be found not guilty on all possible charges. As stated in the Miami Herald, Di Maio testified that Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman when Zimmerman shot him. He also testified that judging by the injuries on the back of Zimmerman’s head, he would have been at risk of severe injury had the beating continued.

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The question now is, what will the response be if / when Zimmerman is deemed not guilty? Many say that the black community, fueled by the rants by of Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, the Black Panther Party and others will rise up in violent protest, as in 1992 Rodney King but on a nationwide level. Sanford, Florida law enforcement is indeed preparing for riots.

My opinion is that while there might be some problems and “calls to kill Whitey”, it will be limited more to the local level than nationwide as people fear. It’ll be more verbal than physical. Why do I feel this way? Because of the increase in concealed carry. These 2 charts were freeze framed from this Wikipedia page showing the progression of concealed carry in the US since 1986 –

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As you can see, in Rodney King’s 1992, only 17 states had unrestricted or “Shall issue” CCH laws. I don’t include “May issue”, because in those states you have to justify WHY you need to carry concealed.

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But in 2013, we have 42, with no more “No issue” states (now that Illinois is finally waking up) .

Criminals go for easy targets. Well, there aren’t as many out there as there used to be. It’s no secret in this country that especially in the last 5 1/2 years, gun ownership and the number of law abiding citizens carrying concealed weapons have “shot through the ceiling”. This means that more than ever, individual Americans are more able to protect themselves and their loved ones from marauding, violent criminals. The message to the thugs is simple – scream “injustice” all you want, but if you get violent, you may be stopped – permanently.

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