The short-list of potential Mitt Romney running mates appeared to get even shorter overnight, as Republicans confirmed another crop of convention speakers — an assignment typically reserved for politicians not in contention for the party’s No. 2 slot.

Add to the list of “not-its” two prominent names — former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum. Both were confirmed overnight as convention speakers at the Tampa gathering later this month. Some vice presidential speculation had surrounded Bush, though the idea of Santorum and Romney teaming up on a ticket was always a long shot, considering their bitter rivalry during the closing weeks of the GOP presidential primary.

A former senior adviser for the former Pennsylvania senator confirmed to Fox News that Santorum has accepted the invitation to speak.

“He is certainly looking forward to sharing with America the reasons President Obama must be defeated, and inspiring conservatives all across the country to help elect Mitt Romney,” the adviser said.

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