I went ahead and did it again…I read my Bible in search of wisdom for how to deal with outrages of the scandal ridden Obama administration.

Yes, it’s quite politically incorrect in our post-judeochristian, post-constitutional America to rely on the Good Book for direction, why with so many experts populating our government, media, and institutions of higher learning! These experts certify endlessly that President Obama has nothing to do with all the scandals putrefying around him. They blast Mr. Obama’s opponents with the tired, straw man accusation of racism, and scold us that we should be supporting our first black president instead of persecuting him (in spite of the fact that his socialistic vision has hobbled our nation economically, socially, and morally in a labyrinth of deceit).

But the so-called experts are the last folks I intend to turn to for guidance, given that they have done their best over the past 50 years or so to create a crippled, entitlement economy, a foreign policy as feckless as Neville Chamberlain’s, and a domestic agenda set on tearing down marriage, family, gun rights, personal privacy, and the like. I’ll take the Word of God for wisdom instead, thank you very much.

After 4 and a half long years under Mr. Obama’s watch of grotesque federal overreach, as so presciently predicted by many thoughtful, concerned patriots, the conservative and libertarian movements have finally experienced a vindication of sorts as the administration has been exposed for what looks like a combination of ignorance, incompetence, malfeasance, and political intimidation. We might even be tempted to gloat as all the messes (eg. the IRS, Benghazi, AP/Fox News, and HHS scandals) that Mr. Obama and his cadre have swept under the rug are being brought out into the open. With this vindication, I have seen a newfound, conservative zeal, and there have been voices calling for resignation or even impeachment of the scoundrels in the administration up to and including the President. Perhaps an administration of justice is warranted, but if my Bible serves me in any way there is a danger in such aggressive energy.

Consider what the Teacher, the great King Solomon, had to say in this regard:

Proverbs 24: 17-18 “Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice, or the LORD will see and disapprove and turn his wrath away from him.”

This passage took me aback when I came across it recently as it resonates so well with how conservatives and libertarians ought to respond to the current condition of the Obama administration. This Scripture cautions us to watch our attitudes as our enemy stumbles, because if we take selfish pleasure in his fall, God will in fact come to our enemy’s rescue as a means to wake us up and return to path of humble and righteous indignation.

I wish it weren’t so, the attitudes and actions of the Obama administration demonstrate that this leadership team opposes the values and traditions of judeochristian, constitutional America. This animosity is evidenced by such examples as the President’s and his coterie’s endorsement of gay marriage, their disregard for strict constructionism of constitutional interpretation, their refusal to connect the ideology of Islam with any acts of terror (both foreign and domestic), a disregard for Christianity and the religious convictions of its adherents, and their intractable unwillingness to address border security, among other concerns. Mr. Obama and his underlings–Eric Holder, John Brennan, Chuck Hagel, Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, Lois Lerner, etc–have shown through the words and deeds that, when they look out across our great nation, they do not see the “shining city on the hill” where free men and women have a divine right to the unrestricted pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness and where the people accept personal responsibility for the consequences of their choices and actions. Instead, the administration apparently sees only the inequity of wealth distribution, never-ending tensions in the relationships between ethnic groups, the ugliness of pollution, and an anachronistic social morality that limits relationships to the confines of biblical description. They seem unable to acknowledge that any goodness existed in our nation prior to Mr. Obama’s ascension to the presidency, and they have been obsessed with pointing out our nation’s imperfections and sins. Mr. Obama et al. reject the notion that such imperfections are inherent parts of human nature as a result of mankind’s fall from grace after the creation. Instead, they actively choose to oppose the realities of human nature and our God-given rights and responsibilities, and they are feverishly working to reconstruct American society in their own godless, utopian image. And they are self-righteously unaware that they are doomed to fail in every effort they make to perfect the imperfectable.

In this ultra-humanistic pursuit to perfect through law, regulation, and policy that which is imperfectable, it was inevitable the Obama administration’s sins would come to light. Those of us who foresaw the outcome of these sins — so clearly predicted when Mr. Obama told the world five days prior to the 2008 election that he and his supporters were on the precipice of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” — sorely want to scream at the top of our lungs “I told you so!”

My heart burns with an eagerness to lash out at the mainstream media for its coddling and shielding Mr. Obama from accountability when his personal (and his team’s) mistakes, failures, and transgressions come to light.

I want to lambaste the public education system which has for fifty years driven judeochristian traditions, America’s civic history, and the reinforcement of family values out of our schools, instead turning them into centers of leftist indoctrination where children are taught what to think instead of how to think.

I would like to shake the collars of the tens of millions of voters who did not hold Mr. Obama and his team responsible on Election Day 2012 for the poorly performing economy; the vast increase in the numbers of persons on the food stamps rolls; the carnage caused by the Fast and Furious program; the obfuscation of the facts of the Benghazi disaster; the craven race-baiting of Vice President Joe Biden; the gross expansion of the federal debt (a practice for which then-candidate Obama in July 2008 publicly labeled President Bush “unpatriotic” and “irresponsible”); persistently high levels of unemployment, particularly in minority communities; and other derelictions which could be listed ad nauseam.

Yet in spite of the powerful temptations to engage in this “I-told-you-so” mockery, I find myself tempered by the Scriptures. I must choose to follow the wisdom of the tradition that I want to see re-established — that of biblical, judeochristian kind. As such, I am endeavoring to see the current state of affairs with sober vision, not gloating or rejoicing. Instead, because the Bible teaches that I must avoid the fruitless deeds of the darkness but rather to expose them (Ephesians 5:11), I need to continue the pursuit of the truth, pushing forward relentlessly to see the facts of the presently exposed scandals uncovered and calling out any more scandals that may still be hidden, so that justice can be served. In this way I hope to pursue God’s approval first and foremost, faithfully hoping that He will keep his divine focus on the culprits of the destruction of America as we knew it: the Obama administration.

John Steinreich is a researcher, public speaker, and author of “The Words of God,” which is an analysis of the Bible and the Quran found online at www.lulu.com/spotlight/jdsbookstore.