South Dakota Congresswoman delivers GOP’s weekly video address, asks Obama to move jobs bill through the Dem controlled Senate.

Noem: “If the President is truly serious about doing what’s best for women, young people – and all Americans – working on these jobs bills should be our focus.”

Read Noem’s address below.

“Hello, I’m Kristi Noem from the great state of South Dakota. I’m a proud wife, mother, rancher, and a member of the United States House of Representatives. Last week, I took on another title, ‘college graduate.’ When I was 22, I had to leave school to help run our family farming and ranching operation after my dad died in an accident on our farm After many years, I returned to school in 2008, and was grateful to walk across the stage at South Dakota State University last Saturday with my political science degree in hand.
“Commencements are happy occasions, of course, but I couldn’t help but think about the challenges that this year’s graduates will face. Last week’s disappointing unemployment figures were a sobering reminder that our economy continues to struggle. Over half of the recent college graduates cannot get a job in President Obama’s economy. One of the reasons is that policies like the president’s health care law, they make our economy worse by making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers.

“The president claims to be leading us ‘forward’ but his policies have us stuck. Instead of working with Republicans to rebuild the economy, the president is ignoring the tough choices and trying to distract from the real issues.


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