There are a few things in the news that I wanted to comment on.

• I had to laugh out loud when I heard some of the things on The Five the other day. For instance Eric Holder talking against Voter ID’s. Are they saying that blacks are so stupid that they can’t do something SO SIMPLE as even go down and get an ID? LOLOLOL How can blacks not get insulted by that and speak out? If someone is that stupid, then they aren’t smart enough to be allowed to vote. And I liked how Alan West said “Are white liberals now the black’s ‘massers’?” It’s surprising that only conservatives see through those charades that are intended to ‘enslave’ blacks (which they are successfully doing).

• I saw it rumored yesterday that Romney had Condoleeza Rice on the top of his list for VP candidates. Hopefully that would stop the racist/sexist epithets by the left. But she’s pro-choice (actually pro-murder). (Although it didn’t seem to help with other conservative women and blacks). I thought Romney was more principled than that in the moral area. Is he going to be compromising with conservative social stands? Also I didn’t like how Romney said to the NAACP that he’ll represent all Americans “regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation”. (Actually sexual disorientation). Nevertheless, anything other than Obama and the democrats will at least be a step in the right direction (if that’s the best we can get).

• It was said that Mitt purposely got booed at the NAACP to fire up part of his base. That is ridiculous because his base is already fired up. They wouldn’t vote for BO no matter what. Romney was there to try to win over blacks with reason and showing that his policies would be better for them.

• Why is it “racist” (and not just honest) to point out the statistically chronicled general greater bad behavior in black communities? For example, 72% of out of wedlock births; higher crime rate; fathers abandoning their children; high drug use; rundown neighborhoods; harsh manners; no incentive to progress; etc. This makes a person think, WHY would liberals want to excuse this bad behavior and not have it focused on? What is their agenda? My experience with them (primarily from my history in the music business) says that they glory in bad behavior and revel in rebellion. In fact, calling someone “bad” was a badge of honor and a compliment of the highest order. But a problem never improves unless it is seriously pointed out (without being branded “racist”) as being a problem and not given excuses.

• Regarding the NAACP (The National Association of Advancement of Colored People). The 2nd “A” is “Advancement”. Well, dependence on government handouts isn’t “advancement”. Only economic progress through hard work is … just the same way that every other nationality new to this country advanced. And instead of advancement happening in the black communities since the 1950’s, it has gone in the other direction … especially in the area of morals. So then where has the NAACP and their advancement agenda been through all of that?

• Giuliani gave the perfect thought that should lead the campaign:

The Dems just give negative criticisms filled with lies.

Whereas Romney can do for this country what he did for himself and other businesses … create economic success. And us ex Californians in the 1970’s know this is possible because we saw Reagan as Governor turn a huge deficit into a big surplus.

• Great line by O’Reilly regarding politicians like BO …. (in response to his guest saying that Romney should have told people what they wanted to hear in his NAACP speech.) “Tell me what I want to hear? I think we’ve had quite enough of that.” O’Reilly was really good with him.

• This country really needs fixing. There was a very long documentary on the plane ride I took the other day on feminism. And this 11 year old girl sitting next to me was just soaking in all the vitriol putting down motherhood basically, while her mother sat right in front of us. It showed the history of all the supposedly liberating TV shows devolving over the last 40 years, praising them as progress. And I just saw a story about one of the actresses on “Sex In The City” on FOX and how she threw a big fundraiser for Obama. It just made me angry. Here is what I wrote after seeing the documentary on the plane, which I had to take the headphones off for a number of times, but then put them back on so I can rightly critique the enemy. Here’s what I wrote:

The feminism documentary on the airplane that chronicled the “progress” of women in TV roles just showed that the creators of those shows were unhappy people (in their own words) who didn’t know God and greatly lacked wisdom. They just attacked over and over the wife in Father Knows Best, Donna Reed, etc. And these show creators were mostly very bitter women. One was a gay man. It’s a shame that they’ve come to dominate TV. And it’s sad that people don’t know how to create and maintain love bonds … with each other, and first and foremost with God, and be undaunted by criticism and social bullying, because that’s where the solution lies.


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