Slave mentality has taken over America’s sane thinking. We aren’t slaves to Egypt’s Pharaoh or his gods, we created our own: Pres. Obama, I-Phone, I-Pad, Google-Glasses, Cars, TV’s, Shoes, Music, and of course Sex. You name it, we Americans have obsessed over it and turned it into our “American Idols”.

Last Sunday I was watching the story of Moses, not the best acting, beautiful scenery and pretty good visual effects. I equated the uncanny similar resistance between Moses asking Pharaoh to free the slaves (the Israelites of 400 yrs.) with Congress ’asking the President to free the American people from more Govt. controls specifically, Obamacare.

I took note, both Pharaoh & our President have a: Smug arrogance, unbending attitude and a god-like image of themself. The head of Pharaoh’s army (in the movie) told Moses that Pharaoh was a little-minded man with no wisdom, character or direction outside of himself and his desires. He said that these inefficiencies in his core personality made him more dangerous of imposing pain and less able to negotiate with anyone who had a difference of opinion.

He went on to say, his leadership is without substance or vision and hollow like a drum because his god-like image of himself was a product of lies, poured into him his whole life. He simply was born into a hierarchy that proliferated this thinking and elevated their own into kingdom heads called Pharaohs.

Rulers were taught to be a tyrant-god with no mercy over the slaves, showing strength was portrayed by being iron fisted and unflinching to any other way of thinking. He’s your basic bully who would physically harm another to get his way. So, the Egyptians enjoyed all the fruits of the Israelites hard labor yet never doing it themselves, which is today’s version of Socialism.

On the contrary, for 400 years the Israelites were belittled, indoctrinated to being subservient to Pharaohs rules for slaves only; never raise a hand to Egyptian soldiers to retaliate, do all the hard labor   for the Egyptian people, pay homage to the Egyptian gods and face persecution if you disobey.

Control, through torture and fear equaled obedience to Govt. Rules which was the method used for centuries, (4 centuries). This degrading slave mentality was imbedded into their everyday thinking. We have only had 4 ½ full Years of this oppression added to 50 years of soft indoctrination and we see the results of an unrecognizable America already. You can see what Moses was up against.

The Israelites brain-washing was established early on, imbuing them daily that life would always be this way. (We call it the new normal). They had to accept the idea they were slaves to the Egyptians. The few items they were allowed to own were dear to them and would be considered punishment if taken away. Fear of losing these treasured belongings helped keep them in line, not straying from the herd.

This same Santa Claus intimidation is how our Pres. got the young people out to vote for him. Getting the kids addicted to their now affordable Idols which they love and couldn’t dream of living without was the first step to gaining their loyalty. They wouldn’t want to give theirs up without a fight, so for now it keeps them in line.

Moses knew they had a tremendous amount of work to uplift their self-perception before they could enter the Promised Land. They needed to be brave and fearless warriors not cowardly slaves, because there were bigger wars ahead. Holding onto slave mentality would render fear without confidence or strength to go into battle and win. He couldn’t risk cowardliness or doubt to show up on the battle field killing them all. Moses knew the Battle is won in your mind first, before you ever step foot onto the battlefield.

When Pharaoh finally let the people go, God led them not by way of the land of the Philistines although it was nearer; for God said lest the people change their purpose (their escape way of thinking), when they see war and return to Egypt (Slavery) . He led them by way of the wilderness toward the Red Sea.

Moses had a formidable task erasing A (400) year slave mentality mindset. He also had overwhelmingly bad odds;  2-3 Million people (in the desert), unable to make a decision on their own yet disagreed with all others made, totally dependent on direction/could not think for themselves, put the blame on everyone else,  hated the desert conditions, complaining little Whiners. Sound’s eerily familiar, like the occupy Wall Street and Washington Elite politicians.

He began training them to Fight and defend themselves because Miracles don’t Mature you, they are just the escape route. For 400 yrs. they couldn’t fight back, finally they were learning how. They had to be re-taught truth building character and made to believe they had self-worth equal to Pharaoh’s.

In America we use to teach our children right from wrong, to believe you can be whatever you want if you work hard and stay focused. We are all created equal to pursue our individual talents and gifts from God; not look to Govt. for them so that Govt.’s Gifts becomes our Idols.

It appears we are being trained into slave mentality by punitive manipulation and Fairy god-mother deception. Obama can do no wrong at this juncture because he is buying homage and votes through all the trinkets. These kids have been demoralized into believing he’s cool, on their side, thinks like they do in applying value to the things they give worth to: I-phones, interest free college loans, legalizing drugs, free birth control=free sex, all the “carnal pleasures”. See: Miley Cyrus meltdown, Chicago gun-slinging thugs, Oklahoma, were bored who can we kill.

They’re being conned into slavery and don’t even realize it. They even defend it because it’s family to them. The “life of Julia”, Govt. dependence lifestyle, is injected into all our kids thinking starting at Pre-K. The trinkets will be snatched away when they least expect it, leaving them in the trap like an animal. Much like the sticker shock of Obamacare, when that cage door shuts there is no place to hide.

Moses came to Egypt after the people’s loyalty was bought and the deceptive blinders removed to reveal the subjugation. He had willing participants to escape the oppression they were living. We are just beginning Obamacare subordination.

Moses was firm, didn’t negotiate, I’m taking all my people and their herds for burnt offerings to thank our GOD. If you don’t release them your people will suffer through the plagues.

I think Senator Cruz’ filibuster was like Moses talking to Pharaoh. Let my people go out from under this burdensome Obamacare. We are not funding it. It’s bad for the whole Country. It gives Govt. too much control. It’s Socialized medicine, it’s unaffordable and the people don’t want it. We will fund all other Govt. needs so pass the bill or you and the Senate will be blamed for the shutdown.

There’s a lot of Elitist in Congress who wanted to wait until it was implemented saying that’s the best way. They showed their loyalty to the Pres. up-front by running back to Egypt as soon as they saw war.

Senator Cruz has brought back Hope with a Moses Combat Faith and energized a Fallen America on the brink of Slave Mentality (Communism). He showed us backbone, truth and brave warrior courage to stand up against the President and fight for our Freedom before Obamacare cannibalizes it for the Govt.’s freedom to grow larger; leaving a huge vacuum that can only be filled by President Obama’s new “Slave Mentality” America.