Choice has become more than mantra for liberals, it is their Holy Grail (except, of course, when people wish to make choices that run counter to liberal orthodoxy). Choice is to a liberal what liberty is to a conservative. Consider some of the ways the left’s one-way interpretation of choice manifests itself. Liberals believe that expectant mothers should be able to abort their babies at any time during their pregnancy, simply for the sake of convenience. They also believe—morality being relative in their eyes—that people should be able to choose for themselves what is right and what is wrong.

One of the more absurd manifestations of the left’s one-way view of choice is their belief that people should be able to choose their own sex. The recent shenanigans of Bruce Jenner have made this belief clear and undisputable to all Americans, and woe to the person who raises questions about his “choice.” Mainstream media mavens have been falling all over themselves to show their support for Jenner’s “choice” to become a woman. Polls show that most Americans support Jenner’s choice or, at least, see nothing wrong with it. But, then, the same polls show that many Americans are ill-informed, amoral twits who couldn’t find their own noses with both hands. This group comprises the infamous 47 percent Mitt Romney identified in his ill-fated campaign for the presidency. If you would like to meet one for some reason, just look for people wearing “Elect Hillary” T-shirts.

It is one thing for liberals to garner enough votes from people who value convenience over life—provided, of course, it is someone else’s life—to legalize the abomination of abortion. In a Democratic society what is legal is what the voters say is legal—which is why the Founders knew it was critical for America to rest on a solid foundation of Christian morals. Take away the moral principles America was founded on and what you are left with is moral anarchy; the rules of the jungle written by those who have garnered the political power to control Congress. But one’s sex is not something that can be voted on or changed by the will of the electorate. An individual’s sex is not determined by a vote of Congress and it is not validated by a Supreme Court ruling. Nor is it determined by the surgeons’ knife or hormones from a pharmicist. An individual’s sex is determined by God. In fact, it is a gift from God. What God establishes, man cannot change and should not presume to try. For a man such as Bruce Jenner to think he has the right to “correct” any part of God’s plan is presumptuous in the extreme.

Jenner can grow his hair long, paint his nails, mainline female hormones, wear dresses, squeeze his man-sized feet into high heels, and even endure a so-called sex-change operation. He can do all of these things and in the end he will still be a man. No matter how Jenner feels, dresses, walks, talks, or presents himself, he will never be a woman—a fact established at the moment of his conception. He will never give birth to a child, never suffer through menstrual pain, and never feel the intense feelings of love a mother feels toward a baby she carried in her womb for nine months. Finally, the bottom line in all of this is that Bruce Jenner’s DNA has not changed, will not change, and cannot change. It still contains the male chromosome no matter what name he chooses to go by.

For all those who are rushing to show how tolerant they are by jumping on the Bruce Jenner bandwagon, a note of caution is in order. If society accepts a man transforming himself into a woman, what is next? What happens when a man decides he wants to be a dog or a cat or a horse or a goat? Better yet, what happens when a liberal decides to transform himself into an intelligent being? Then again, never mind that last question. It will never happen.