Before anyone had ever thought Barack Obama might become America’s first black president, there was Colin Powell—a black man with a sterling military record, a ton of charisma, and service as U.S. Secretary of State. There was a time when the Republican Party was willing to nominate Colin Powell as its presidential candidate or name him to any other office he might seek in a Republican administration. But that time has passed. In the intervening years since President George W. Bush found it necessary to “invite” Powell to resign as Secretary of State, the former four-star general has either: 1) become a liberal, or 2) revealed a hidden liberal streak that had always been present.

Powell’s support of Barack Obama in both presidential elections and his public statements since leaving the Bush administration suggest that his time as a Republican might have been more opportunistic than philosophical. It was, after all, the Republican Party—not Democrats—that welcomed him in and launched his post-military career. His open criticism of the Republican Party since being “ousted” by George W. Bush over philosophical differences suggests little more than hubris. There is nothing new about a man who gets fired turning his rhetorical guns on those who fired him.

Powell’s disappointing transition from Republican icon to liberal whiner was never more apparent than during his recent interview on Meet the Press—an interview in which he claimed, among other things, that the Republican Party looks down on minorities. This, of course, is the same Republican Party that gave him such a succesful post-military career and was willing to name him its presidential candidate. It is the party that is currently preparing Senator Marco Rubio, a Hispanic minority, for a presidential run in 2016. It is also the party of Herman Cain, Artur Davis, Alveda King, Condoleezza Rice, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and countless other black political leaders, scholars, judges, and business executives.
How disappointing to watch this former four-star general and Secretary of State, a man who has exceeded the hopes and dreams of not just most black Americans but most Americans of any race, stoop to playing the race card. If there is a man whose career has not been hindered by his race it is Colin Powell and much of the thanks for that goes to the Republican Party. Of course, playing the race card is part of the required ritual for RINOS who wish to come out of the closet and reveal their true identities as liberals. Perhaps Powell’s interview on Meet the Press was just his way of signaling that he is finally going to admit that he is in fact what he has tacitly been for years: a liberal Democrat.

Not content to just call Republicans racists, Powell went on to comment that the Republican Party has become too conservative. He said, “…in recent years, there’s been a significant shift to the right (in the Republican Party) and we have seen what that shift has produced, two losing presidential campaigns.” One can only wonder what rock General Powell has been hiding under the last ten years. The Republican Party too conservative? The Republican Party lost the last two presidential elections for the precise reason that it was not conservative enough. Rather it was too moderate and wishy-washy.

By twice in a row choosing moderate, milquetoast candidates and waffling on the big-ticket issues, the Republican Party not only lost the last two presidential elections, but deserved to lose them. It was the shift of the mainstream Republican Party to the left that created the conservative groundswell that became the Tea Party Movement, a movement that has attempted—with some success but not nearly enough—to pull Republicans back to the right. If Colin Powell thinks the Republican Party is too conservative, than he really is a liberal Democrat and should make his break with the Republican Party official. I can see a place for Colin Pow