There is a lot of hand wringing going on among mainstream Republicans these days.  After losing two presidential elections in a row to the least qualified, most incompetent president in the history of the nation, “leaders” of the Republican Party are beginning to doubt the veracity of conservatism.  Conventional “wisdom” among the RINOS who run the Republican Party is that they have become the party of the past—a bunch of old white guys who appeal to a rapidly shrinking segment of the population.

Writing for The Washington Times, Jeffrey Kuhner summed this trend up as follows:  “…liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans are urging the GOP to be more inclusive of single women, minorities, Hispanics, and homosexuals.  They want Republicans to become pro-gay, pro-amnesty, pro-environment, and pro-choice.  In short, the conventional wisdom can be distilled to one simple point: To win national elections again, the GOP must be transformed into a softer, more centrist version of the Democrats.  Call it Democratic Lite.”  This, of course, is nonsense.  My message to weak-kneed Republicans is simply this:  It is better to lose with our principles than to win with theirs. 

It speaks volumes that the Republicans who managed to pull defeat from the jaws of victory in the recent presidential election blame their failure on a changing electorate that rejected conservative principles.   The RINOS who ran the national races for the Republican Party would not even recognize conservative principles.  Republicans lost because of: 1) no leadership, 2) no commitment to real conservative principles, 3) letting Democrats define the terms of socio-political debates, and 4) doing a poor job of using successful conservative women, blacks, and Hispanics to sell the conservative message. Frankly, if Republican candidates could not explain the value of economic growth and job creation to the 23 million Americans who were out of work on November 6th, they deserved to lose.

Barack Obama won on November 6th, but America lost—a fact that will become evident even to the most ardent Obama supporters in due course.  Just wait until the Chinese and Saudis say “no more loans” and the federal treasury runs dry.  When this happens, entitled Americans will receive nothing in the mail from Uncle Sam but an IOU.  As Jeffrey Kuhner wrote in The Washington Times, The Obama economy is destined to crash upon the rocks of fiscal reality…When the Ponzi scheme, known as welfare liberalism, comes crashing down—and it is now only a matter of time—the right needs to be there to clean up the mess.

Consequently, Republicans need to avoid the temptation to abandon conservative principles in an attempt to appeal to the selected demographic groups.  According to Jeffrey Kuhner, “The job of Republicans is not to mimic the Obama Democrats.  When it comes to sexual license, crass identity politics, and big government spending, the GOP can—and will—never outdo the Democrats.  Voters will always prefer the real thing.  Instead, conservatives should act as the adults; liberals are the adolescents.”

A better plan is to re-commit to the principles of conservatism: limited government, low taxation, free-market economics, personal responsibility, individual liberty, and constitutional integrity. Then, having done so, begin the hard work of developing conservative candidates who can do a better job of selling the inherent truth of conservative principles to those who for now naively accept the Democrat’s destructive principles of big government, entitlement, class envy, and moral relativism.  In short, the Republican Party must decide if it is going to lamely follow socio-cultural trends in America or get out in front of these trends and set the course, whether they are going to meekly follow the destructive course set by Democrats or man up and lead America in a better direction.