The recent election, reminds me of the dog who chased after cars and one day caught one. As he stood there with the bumper in his mouth he thought “Now what?” That is where we are with the Republican Party and the sweeping midterm election victory, now what? The GOP ran on no agenda other than not annoying anyone and saying we are not them. There was no contract with America regarding what they were going to do. Now here we are 1 week later and I still have not heard from GOP leaders what the road ahead looks like, so I want to know, now what? Were they so caught off guard that they did not think of having a hip pocket plan for victory just in case they won? Is this a foreboding of what we can expect from a lot of the same senior leadership that was in office 10 years ago? After all they did nothing permanent about energy independence, shoring up the economy, balancing the budget, getting rid of bad tax laws such as the inheritance tax or corporate taxes, reigning in the IRS, immigration, Social Security, or any other issues that could have been dealt with while they had the house, senate and White House. If anything this group is responsible for where we are today with a broken health care mandate, a badly damaged economy, strained relationships worldwide because their poor leadership when they had control helped usher in an inept president, house and senate. So rather than taking a victory lap and telling us it was all based on ideology tell us what you’re going to do.   This election result should have happened two or even six years ago had the GOP had any leadership or solid ideas on how to move this country forward, but instead they preferred to be moderate and look like Democrat lite which has not worked out real well.

With all the states that elected GOP, conservative and Tea party Governors, Representatives and Senators make no mistake this was a referendum on the liberal policies that are trying to reshape our nation and the American people said enough!, Stop!, No More! To try and spin the election results any other way is dishonest and not particularly encouraging when GOP reps are regurgitating the “it’s time to work together and get along” nonsense. How about the GOP plays by the rules the DNC and Harry Reid established and see how they enjoy it. It is time for the GOP to grow and show a backbone and get back to constitutional leadership and service as our founding statesman intended for those in public service. By the way Serve is the key word for public servants, not self-serve.

I am still waiting for a GOP leader to acknowledge that the president was right when he said that he was not running in this election but his policies were. The sound bite on every Republicans lips should be “this election was about the president’s policies and the American people have soundly rejected them.” The low voter turnout was due to the president’s policies that former supporters no longer wanted to support, not voters wanting people to work together. When Israel was getting ready to go into the Promised Land God told Israel they were not getting in because of their righteousness, but rather because the current inhabitants were so wicked he had to drive them out. God reminds them once more it is not because of their righteousness for they were so self-absorbed. Sound familiar? The GOP did not get elected because everybody thinks they are the answer, they got elected because people perceived them as not as bad as what we currently have. So all the Karl Roves, and other pundits that say this was about Republican ideas etc. are wrong, the GOP had no new ideas. They ran on the Obama strategy of we are not them. So no more psyco-babble bull from both sides when the fact is the policies were up for a vote and the nation as a whole rejected them. Voters stayed home because they no longer trust the DNC which is why they walked out on the president during campaign stops. That is why the DNC did not want Obama campaigning for candidates. That is why Democrats did not want to be closely associated with Obama, because they knew they would be rejected by association, and yes, yes they were.

With all the bad press the GOP controlled congress has taken while Harry Reid has been obstructing the legislative process there needs to be a concrete plan on how to get legislation rolling and show the American people where the colon blockage was. I suggest the Republicans pass 100 pieces of legislation in the first 100 days, short, clear, concise, clean (no pork) and send them up for the president to approve or veto so they can show who the real obstructionist and chief is. Make it a goal to send so much he can’t golf. Don’t be surprised to see the petulant child still try to break out his pen and phone, but be willing to hold him accountable with the purse. And when people ask why, the next sound bite should be “We are not passing legislation to see what is in it, we know what is in it and it’s what the American people asked for!” BOOM! Then look like you want to serve the American people not rule them and rob them. Look like statesmen for a change versus self-centered, self-serving, selfish politicians.