National Rifle Association president David Keene told NRA News’ “The Daily News with Ginny Simone” that the Department of Justice’s collusion with left-wing advocacy organization Media Matters for America is a taxpayer-funded “propaganda machine.”

“This is not an administration that deals in issues,” Keene, a veteran of GOP politics for several decades, said on the show. “This is an administration that deals in personalities. You can see it at the presidential level – the whole [argument] is not ‘Gov. Romney is wrong on the issues,’ it’s ‘Gov. Romney is a rotten person who you shouldn’t have anything to do with.’ It’s not that the ‘whistleblowers weren’t telling people what was true,’ it’s that the ‘whistleblowers are not perfect people either.’ It’s not that ‘what the reporter is saying is wrong,’ it’s that what the ‘reporter shouldn’t be saying it because the reporter is doing it for ambitious reasons or doesn’t like us or had something in his past that we can exploit.’”

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