This notion, as reported in a NYC tabloid on Thursday, that Tebow could leave the Jets after the 2012 season seems like it’s self-serving. It’s not necessary, even if there could be a modicum of truth to it. If feels more to me like since the Jets didn’t lose last Sunday and have a fairly decent chance of winning again this Sunday, the powers that be felt they had no choice but to decide we all needed a little turmoil in our lives. You know, a little exercising of the old checks and balances system of sports fandom.

How do you write a story like this after just one game? The timing does reek of the same old, same old when it comes to the traditional media mindset, but with the Jets it’s magnified, and the people who make up the traditional media mindset know that better than anyone. They think we can be spoon-fed anything. Well, maybe some of us can, but what does that say about the audience they are trying to reach?

A story like this just takes the focus off what is important. It creates chaos for the sake of creating chaos. It’s irresponsible in that it cites an unnamed source, which I have a hard time believing should ever be an acceptable form of reporting the news. Now, I’m definitely in the minority here, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong, and I’m sure there are millions of people out there who could care less about the nameless and faceless and more about the people willing to stake their reputations to what they believe to be the truth.

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