“Before he enter the actual Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:— I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  This is the oath of office that all Americans believe the President of the United States must uphold while executing his or her duties.

“To the best of my ability” are words that just about all of us can understand.  On the positive side it means give it everything the individual possesses.  It means give it his or her all.  Further, it does not allow for one to slack off or shrug responsibility.  So this is a very important obligation when it comes to protecting the constitution.  It certainly would not allow for activity that is against the constitution.

What is the individual supposed to do to the “Best of their ability?”  The words continue with the notion that the Constitution is to be preserved.  Preserving the Constitution means keeping it basically the same, not spoiling it.  Americans do not want the foundation of our country changed.  This means that the President must perform actions that foster the preservation of the Constitution.  There really should be little actions real or perceived to change it.

We have seen many actions that appear to be against certain amendments of the Constitution.  This President freely talks about individuals who speak out against his policies.  Our officials work for the citizens of our country.  It is one thing to point out political things to politicians but it is another to single out individual citizens.  Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and other radio and TV personalities are often the subjects in President Obama’s speeches.  He tries to show a funny and laughable side in his speeches.  It is absolutely wrong for the President, considered the most powerful position in the world, to mention Hannity, etc. in any such context because it reflects on Hannity’s first amendment rights.  The president swore to preserve these rights.

Likewise the President should not single out large groups of constituents and give them names.  He refers to Tea party Members as “radicals.”  The Tea Party of 2010 was considered grass roots patriotic Americans with conservative ideals.  They believe in fiscal responsibility and limited government.  By calling them out the President destroys their rights as citizens.

Our President should not allow individuals foreign or domestic to influence or change the Constitution.  He should do this by speaking out about those who want to change the fundamental law of our land.  He must direct others to assist him in insuring that our laws and way of life are protected from anyone wishing to change it.

What do we find in his actions?  He shows verbal outrage over second amendment rights.  He is for a world treaty on small arms.  He wants certain guns banned from society.  These actions are not defending the constitution but tend to weaken it.  Remember the right to bare arms has little to do with hunting and much to do over protection of U.S. Citizens.

He has had strong opposition to religious freedom here in America.  He wants to force the Catholic Church to provide abortions.  This is forcing a belief on a religion.  We have a constitution that protects religious freedom.  Catholics believe in the sanctity of life.  The President has stated he is for abortion even to the degree of killing a baby who lives after a botched abortion.  Remember here in the United States the baby who survived the botched abortion is a citizen.

He chooses the laws he wants to enforce and those he ignores.  Border protection is one area. He uses resources of the Federal Government for personal gain.  In one election he used ACORN sponsored with Federal funds.  In another he used large amounts of funding to special interest groups like unions.  He even had the IRS stifle Citizens who opposed him.  This kind of Gestapo tactic must not prevail.

There are other items that one can list to show there is a conflict of interest of the President and his actions seemingly against the U.S.  His personal actions against Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Right to bare arms and actions against citizens should be enough to say he is not upholding his oath.   So now who will address this?