President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign on Thursday announced “Project Vote,” a campaign-within-a-campaign that is aimed at increasing registration and participation among Democratic base constituencies — including young voters, seniors, African Americans and Hispanics, plus Native Americans and gay and lesbian voters.

This effort — what used to be called base-constituency campaigns – will meld officials specializing in field, political, outreach and communications. Officials said a major focus will be voter registration among groups that have historically under-participated, and base voters who have recently moved into a state or a community.

“The big goal here it to expand the electorate,” said an Obama for America official who spoke on condition of anonymity. “That’s how we won in 2008, and we think that’s the path to victory again in 2012. There’s a registration component, and a turnout component for sporadic voters.”

The campaign said in a statement: “Project Vote will drive our campaign strategy – from paid media, to digital outreach, to grassroots organizing and voter registration efforts – to communicate with and engage key demographic groups, such as African Americans, Women, Youth, Latinos, LGBT, Veterans, Asian Americans and others.

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