Charisma goes a long way in politics, especially when it’s up against scolding accountants. So what to do if you’re a Republican with dreams of becoming president? Turn President Obama into the candidate of yesterday. Tell the American people that Mr. Obama represents everything tired and old in American politics.

Tell them that being the first black American president is wonderful and historic, but it’s not enough, not anymore – not after he shoved ObamaCare down the throats of the American people, not after he spent nearly a trillion dollars on a stimulus package with questionable results, not after his worldwide tour apologizing for America’s supposed sins, and not after his failure to deliver on his promise to usher in a new tone and new politics in Washington.

Tell them the Republicans are the candidate with new ideas while Mr. Obama hasn’t had a new idea, maybe ever. And tell them, as Shelby Steele smartly points out, that “Barack Obama believes in government; we believe in you.”

The good news for Republicans is that the American people understand all this. Having the “lamestreams’ on your side helps. But if the Republicans play their cards right, it won’t help enough.

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