A lawsuit that has been filed against the government over the mandate from the Department of Health and Human Services requiring Christian company owners to violate their beliefs and fund abortion services under the guise of health insurance is accusing Barack Obama’s administration of attacking Catholics deliberately.

“Had plaintiffs’ religious beliefs, or the beliefs of the million other Americans who share plaintiffs’ religious beliefs been obscure or unknown, the defendants’ actions might have been an accident,” alleges the lawsuit filed by the Thomas More Law Center on behalf of some business owners and a Catholic organization.

“But because the defendants acted with full knowledge of those beliefs, and because they arbitrarily exempt some plans for a wide range of reasons other than religious conviction, the mandate can be interpreted as nothing other than a deliberate attack by the defendants on the Catholic church, the religious beliefs held by plaintiffs and the similar religious beliefs held by millions of other Americans.”

A press aide in the office of Obama’s Health and Human Services Department Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, contacted by WND, declined to respond to the claim.

But Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Law Center, explained, “Whether you are a Catholic or Protestant or have no religion at all, the free exercise of religion and right of conscience is our most fundamental human right and must be vigorously defended on behalf of all Americans. Or else our Constitution becomes nothing more than a piece of paper with nice sounding words. That’s why I believe every American regardless of religious beliefs has a stake in the successful outcome of this lawsuit.”

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