The Obama administration spent between $2.52 million and $2.77 million for hotel rooms and rental cars during the president’s 2012 trip to Mexico for a G-20 summit, MailOnline has learned.

Government travel documents available online show that the State Department contracted with a travel agency to spend between $1,889,383 and $2,078,327 on hotel rooms alone, for the President, the Secret Service, and the rest of the State Department and White House staff and VIPs.

And rental cars for the trip cost between $630,760 and $693,836, according to a separate contract document. That paperwork disclosed that on previous visits to Mexico, the State Department had been quoted as much as $650 USD per day for a full-size sedan with a driver.

As Barack Obama’s last trip South of the border draws unwanted attention because of its larger-than-life costs, he took off this afternoon in Air Force One to visit Mexico again, on a trade mission, with a second stop in sunny Costa Rica.

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