On Mother’s Day, the obvious political issue to discuss would be abortion and the pro-life movement. I visited lifenews.com on Sunday morning to read that the White House made the “choice” to celebrate Mother’s Day by celebrating the Affordable Healthcare Act – the mandate that forces businesses to fund abortions, sterilization, and birth control for employees.

Might as well tweet out…Happy Mother’s Day and congratulations on the “right” to kill your baby if you want!

But that would be far too direct…

What the Obama Administration tells you about the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare), is that it is providing women with needed healthcare. And, that’s partially true. The mandate also forces businesses to cover the abortion pill in their employee’s insurance package though. Interesting that the Obama administration doesn’t tweet pridefully about all the unborn babies that are killed with the help of the Affordable Healthcare Act. If abortion is such a good thing, why aren’t they tweet-bragging about a “mother’s” “choice” more directly?

It’s like Planned Parenthood talking about all the life-saving mammograms they’re giving, when in reality, their most used service is abortion. What makes the Obamacare issue so horribly despicable is that Obama and his people aren’t just passively pro-choice.  They’re literally fighting for the death of these children – children who are exactly like the children born in hospitals every day, except for their in-utero location.

Proof of this could be seen just last week, when a judge ruled that Tyndale House Publishers could be exempt from the mandate – since they are, you know, Bible publishers and all. Obama actually opposed the judge’s order saying that Tyndale wasn’t “religious enough” to be exempt from the mandate.

In this case, victory came for pro-lifers as Obama’s (requested) federal court dismissed his protest and allowed the Bible publishers to remain exempt.

I’m grateful for the small victory but burdened that our president is not only “okay” with abortion; he is literally fighting for it to be embraced and celebrated.

Being that I grew up in Christian bubble after Christian bubble, I can think back to a only a few women I know who openly admitted to having had abortions – Christian women I met in church – women who found The Lord after they had already made this devastating choice. The beauty in the tragedy is that Christ’s loving sacrifice covered all their sin and they now walk in peace and victory, knowing that their children are with their Father and that their sin is forgiven. I pray that today, women who have had abortions don’t turn to despair and hopelessness because they have made this choice, but rather, I pray they accept the forgiveness that God freely gives when asked. And, I pray that they don’t stop there, but that they use their testimony to keep others from making that choice that our government and culture is promoting.

It’s such an easy thing to think, “I’m just one person. What can I do? Why even try? I’ll just try not to think about it.” If we would all just get the conversation going…bring it up at the water cooler. Tell your boss who Kermit Gosnell is. Ask your boss if he thinks that other abortion clinics around the country are run in the same way?

We just celebrated MOTHER’S day – the day to honor the nurturing caregivers of our society. And instead of the White House honoring them, they decided to honor Obamacare- a force that is responsible for ever-so-discreetly freeing mothers-to-be from the burden of parenthood – and insisting that employers provide insurance for this morally-reprehensible act. It’s just terrible.

I think that slamming our President is the wrong approach to making a difference in the battle for life. It’s important to point out the truth of what he’s doing and how it affects us. We need to know these things to know what we’re up against, but once we have the information and share it, we need to focus on being pro-active and verbal in our fight for these children who are unable to fight for themselves. Change one mind at a time. It’s no surprise that people who change from pro-choice to pro-life are passionate about sharing their knowledge with other people. Each one of us can make a huge difference if we just start talking.

It’s time to stop dancing around the topic and only believing what we’re told.  Read these mandates.  Read the bills.  Read the fine print and fight against the injustice of abortion.