Finally, confirming the suspicions of many and coming across during a 20/20 interview as the epitome of candor, at long last Barack ‘fessed up to Barbara Walters, saying that “Usually, the only time I lie is [in] very personal interactions with family members, who you say, ‘you look great,’ and they don’t. ‘Wonderful dress…’ Uh, not so much.”  The operative word here being “usually.”

After the President’s admission, even the first lady chimed in and confessed that she too lies, but only when “truth [is] not helpful.” Clearly, in the Obama household, as well as on the campaign trail, during fiery speeches, and in policy decisions, ‘hurtful’ and ‘helpful’ are key indicators as to whether what’s being said at any given moment is actually the truth.

Therefore, after also admitting that he’s really a “softie” and doing so on primetime television, it stands to reason that President Obama’s ongoing propensity to lie could just be a considerate attempt on his part to be helpful and not hurtful by extending “You look great” sentiments about an America he really perceives to be an “Uh, not so much” nation: lazy, lacking imagination and ambition and, much like him, “a little soft.”

Moreover, Obama family logic also indicates that the goal of the President’s admitted deceitfulness may be simply to avoid wounding Americans with hurtful truths and to assist the nation with helpful lies. Either that, or Barack Obama’s lying is an unconscious attempt to project his own character weaknesses onto honest, hardworking Americans in order to justify policies he knows we would patently reject.

With that in mind, it certainly wouldn’t hurt and might actually be helpful to know if Obama thinks it is ‘hurtful’ or ‘helpful’ to continue encouraging national division by falsely insisting that the rich don’t contribute their fair share.

How about the helpfulness/hurtfulness of swearing the health care reform bill wouldn’t raise the deficit?  And let’s not forget just how helpful it was for the President to promise the American public that the stimulus bill would prevent the unemployment rate from rising above a hurtful 8.5%.

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