Obama has a lot of nerve to blame others for a crisis he created.
Check it out:

President Obama vowed Monday to bypass Congress and pursue unilateral changes to the country’s immigration system, after he says the House failed to act on a comprehensive overhaul.

The president, speaking in the Rose Garden, said Speaker John Boehner informed him last week the House will not vote on an immigration bill this year.

“America cannot wait forever for them to act,” Obama said. He said he’s launching a new effort to “fix as much of our immigration system as I can, on my own, without Congress.”

The president’s announcement is sure to infuriate congressional Republicans. Obama is pushing for new executive actions in defiance of Boehner’s vow last week to pursue a lawsuit against the president over alleged executive overreach. Even before Monday’s announcement, Boehner and his colleagues alleged that the president has gone too far in making changes without Congress to immigration policy, the Affordable Care Act, environmental regulations and other issues.

This new push would go further still.

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