If you’re living in the real world you need to bring the best tools available to the job you have in front of you.

I suppose this was entirely predictable given the stance of the Obama administration in most matters concerning relations between police departments and the communities they serve and protect. The White House is cancelling portions of a program where surplus military equipment was made available at no cost to local police departments for use in fighting crime in violent neighborhoods. Other resources will remain available but require some sort of assurances from the cops that they won’t “misuse” them.

The Obama administration announced Monday it will ban federal transfers of certain types of military-style gear from local police departments, as the president seeks to respond to a spate of incidents that has frayed trust in communities across the country.

The banned items include tracked armored vehicles, bayonets and grenade launchers, according to a task force report released by the White House. Other equipment, including tactical vehicles, explosives and riot equipment, will be transferred only if local police provide additional certification and assurances that the gear will be used responsibly, according to the report.

The announcement came as Obama prepared to travel to Camden, N.J., to highlight his administration’s strategy to help reform local police departments, including efforts to increase the numbers of officers on patrol and the use of body cameras.

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