The state of Georgia is requiring Barack Obama to appear in court to determine if he can be on the November 2012 voting ballot. The hearing is scheduled to happen on January 26th, 2012 but Obama has tried to not be in attendance. In fact, the White House is saying Obama will not be anywhere near Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday. Last Friday, Obama lawyers tried, in vain, to get the judge to excuse Obama from being present. Judge Malihi will have to deal with Obama not being present for his own hearing and will have to determine how this motion will move forward (or not). The bottom line is the judge in this court is supposed to hear the issue that Barack Obama is NOT a natural born citizen of the United States; since his Dad was born in Kenya.

An article that describes Obama defiance to appear in a Georgia court can be found here:

Before it became known that Obama will defy the order of the judge to appear, a SuperPac was going to broadcast a streaming web page of the entire hearing. It can be located at this web site on Thursday, Jan 26th, 2012:

Be sure to let others know how Obama does not care one iota about the Laws of our Union, Our US Constitution nor our Faith! One issue is NONE of the mainstream media outlets are talking about this very critical constitutional issue (and this includes FOXNEWS). Obviously, the main stream media does not care about our US Constitution and does not care that Obama is supposed to be in a hearing in Georgia. This just proves it is ONLY us Patriots who care about our US Constitution. Remember, this will be a landmark ruling as it will have repercussions that will affect every Presidential election from now on. In addition, there are other States in the Union that are also pursuing this legal action to prevent Obama from being on the voting ballot. So, depending upon how Judge Malihi is manipulated will determine how this court case will go forward.

Strategy if Obama is Removed from the Ballot

On the outside chance that Obama is actually denied being on the 2012 ballot in the state of Georgia, there will be many other states that will also prevent him as well. If this occurs, then we can expect Hillary Clinton will become the Democratic Candidate for the November 2012 election. If this happens, most of the ammunition our current Republican Candidates are espousing against Obama, will become dull and lack-luster. Hillary does have baggage, but one thing she does have in her favor is her husband, Bill Clinton.

One the one hand, it would good to keep Obama on the ballot so we can wipe the floor and beat him into the ground on elections day. On the other hand, this would be bad for our US Constitution. If Obama does get removed from being the nominee for 2012, then we will need to reshape our Republican strategy as we will not be able to have a sharp contrast to Obama.

So, be aware that the Democratic strategy may be for the Republican Nominee to be so engrained in ONLY defeating Obama, that at the last minute, they will substitute Hillary Clinton trying to keep their communistic and socialistic agenda alive for another 8 years! Remember, 4 years from Obama and the 8 potential for Clinton, would be 12 years of Democratic changes to the US. If this happens, we will cease to exist as the United States of America!

BE AWARE AMERICANS. The Democratic Party wants socialism and communism so badly for us that they will do EVERYTHING they can to ensure they get ANY democratic candidate into the White House. Be aware and be savvy in how we position our Republican message for the 2012 election!