President Obama will announce that he is bringing home most of the U.S. troops deployed to West Africa to fight a deadly outbreak of the Ebola virus by April 30, the White House announced on Tuesday.

The president will announce those plans at a White House event on Wednesday and also outline further steps the U.S. is taking to prevent Ebola cases at home.
According to the White House, of the 2,800 U.S. troops who were deployed to the continent, about 1,500 have returned. After April 30, the U.S. will have 100 Defense Department personnel who will continue to work with local militaries in the Ebola response

In a statement Tuesday, the White House touted the international community’s effort to stop the Ebola outbreak but vowed to continue working until there were “zero cases.”

“We are encouraged by the declining number of new Ebola cases in West Africa, but remain concerned about a recent increase in cases in Guinea, and an inability to further reduce case counts in Sierra Leone,” said the White House.

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