The Obama Campaign is vigorously defending its attacks on Mitt Romney as an “outsourcer,” following an analysis by one independent fact-checker that called some of the claims “untrue” and others “thinly supported.”

In a six-page letter to, deputy Obama campaign manager Stephanie Cutter disputes the notion that Romney cannot be held accountable for outsourcing by Bain Capital-owned companies after February 1999, when he stepped down as CEO.

“The statement that Gov. Romney ‘left’ Bain in February 1999 — a statement central to your fact-check — is not accurate,” Cutter writes. “Romney took an informal leave of absence but remained in full legal control of Bain and continued to be paid by Bain as such. Governor Romney would have the period of Bain service understood differently, for the obvious reason that there is much in this l999-2002 period that he would prefer to avoid accountability for.”

Cutter cites statements by Romney, his wife Ann, lawyer Bradley Malt, and filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission as evidence that he maintained significant managerial and financial ties with the company during the period when the outsourcings referenced in Obama TV ads occurred.

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