The Obama Presidency has been one of many unbecoming firsts. And one of many unflattering records.

Yet another emerged today in the form of an election advertisement. For reprehensibility and offense, this one makes the history books.

The election video ( featuring Lena Dunham must single-handedly go down in history as the worst ever.

Likening the loss of virginity to first-time voting for Obama, the decision by the Obama campaign team to release this video is staggering. Not to mention it being conceived, commissioned, produced and written. A video done in worse taste is difficult to imagine.

This could be the final straw in a campaign where the challenger, Mitt Romney, has all the momentum. For an election said to likely be determined by the female vote, if actions speak louder than words, there is deafening noise now in the wake of this video.

The irony of the video in the wake of the Obama campaign’s focus on the female vote should not be lost. Nor President Obama’s repeated assertions that women would suffer under a Romney Presidency, or his platitudes concerning “male politicians making decisions about a women’s bodies”.

This video reveals the true sentiments the forces behind President Obama’s re-election efforts hold concerning women. And the gap in morality, virtue and family values.

For the President, a father of two young daughters, to be associated with such a shallow video replete with sexual innuendo, raises many questions, the least of which is his judgment.

It also gives women a clear choice. You want to know why? Because Governor Romney would never release a video like that.