After the sting of Justice Roberts upholding Obama Care wore off, my attention quickly turned to what the decision represents and what to expect next. One recurring theme kept coming to mind; Inequality.

While much of Obama Care relates to inequality of Medical health, what about other inequalities? What about inequality of Domestic health, Transportation health, Communication health, and even Employment health? Something needs to be done about these black eyes of society, too, right? For some, the answer is yes.

We can hear the stalwarts of social justice clearing their collective throats and stepping to the microphones now.

“In a country as rich as America, there is no reason, in the case of Domestic health, we should have someone living in a 1000 square foot rented apartment while another lives in a 20,000 square foot mansion. We should not have someone driving their grandma’s Chevy while another is driving a Mercedes. Lastly, in a country as rich as America, there is no reason someone works a minimum wage job with no benefits and another for a fortune 500 company and have a golden parachute and 401k. There must be middle ground. There has to be some way for us to bridge these gaps. Therefore, all employers should be forced to contribute to a 401k and offer benefits for workers. We can and must do better to resolve these inequalities. The future of our children depends on it.”

Sarcasm intended but, unfortunately not unrealistic. We have already seen some evidence of this both before and after implementation of the Obama Care disaster. Remember Obama-Phone and Cash for Clunkers?

More recently we have seen the fast food workers strike for higher minimum wages.  Insert Employment health scheme here. Maybe a justice department representative or twenty can go to Detroit and ensure employers are investigating worker complaints fairly. If employers can be forced to offer health insurance there is reason to suspect the same would hold true with 401k and benefits. What the fast food worker strike fails to account for is alternatives. We can purchase an entire Christmas list online. I don’t think a bank of tablets at the local fast food restaurant is too outrageous an idea. We can already order a pizza online and have it delivered.  Tablets don’t call in sick, require a 401k, or benefits.

Inequality has all the trappings of political correctness and social justice we have come to expect. We should not be surprised when they figure out new ways to use it. The conservative’s job is simply to plan and be proactive. Know this is coming. Know this is not foreshadowing but informing. There are no real surprises in politics no matter what anyone says. Health is a great feel good noun and politically leveraged adjectives like medical, transportation, employment, communications, and domestic are just the beginning.   Hopefully, just like the real movies the sequels are never as successful as the original.