President Obama has officially added $5 trillion to the national debt in his first three years in office.

That’s more than all other presidents combined.

And yet, the country seems to continue, steadily if not prosperously.

So what I want to know is why Obama can spend $5 trillion with nary a peep from the Left or the media, meanwhile I can’t be a couple of days late on a $300 credit card debt without bank employees hounding me morning, noon and night.

President Obama wants “the rich” to pay “their fair share.” As far as I can see, our definition of “the rich” needs some adjusting. It’s obviously not a phrase that applies to thousands of small businesses that clear $250,000 a year in business but barely turn a profit.

No, I think “the rich” must reasonably apply to anyone who reaps not only the financial but the emotional, lifestyle and social benefits of wealth, whether or not they have actual money in the bank.

That would include people like, oh say, President Obama, who get to jet around the world, eat gourmet meals, play golf, see movies and enjoy cable television all for free.

In short, “the rich” should include everyone who had a hand in voting to approve trillions of dollars in overspending.

And they can start paying their fair share by giving me a free pass every time I overspend my budget. I think this will work out because more than a few of the rich under my definition are in government and banking, the two primary thieves of my monthly paycheck.

So let’s do the math.

If our country under Obama has been allowed to rack up a $5 trillion debt, dividing that by the population should give you the “fair” amount each U.S. resident should be allowed to spend without consequence.

It only works out to about $16,000, barely enough for a wild weekend, much less a permanent lifestyle change.

Well that just won’t do. Papa can’t go through life without a private jet, at least.

Like Janis Joplin once sang, “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz? My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.”

So add in the full salaries of all the members of Congress, the president and nine Supremes, and you still only get less than an additional 50 cents per U.S. resident.

This proflagate lifestyle is tougher than it looks.

All right, suppose we toss in all the money from guys like Warren Buffett who started this whole “fairness” business in the first place. That’s got to equal a few hundred billion dollars at least.

Again divide it all up and you get an extra $1,500 to $2,000 per person.

Dang. I still don’t see personal limo with driver in my future.

I don’t get it. If you take all the money from “the rich,” it should make me happy, well off and comfortable, but it doesn’t.

It’s almost like the real point of wealth redistribution isn’t making me happy but making the other guy as miserable as I am.

Wait a minute. …