Obama forces religious groups to choose between God and Guv’ment: For any believers still on the fence about our current commander’s convictions, let him be clear…he doesn’t believe in the “separation of church and state” either. He will tell you what to believe and how to behave, or else.

Barack Obama announced his newest executive edict (right as the 2014 campaign cycle heats up, by the way) that declares all groups who receive federal contracts must either be willing to hire LGBT workers or give up federal funding. Which is his characteristically-illegal way of demanding that religious groups “choose ye this day who you will serve.” Either obey God’s morality or government’s…there is no middle ground.

We’ve always known tolerance is a one-way street: what happens if a governor withholds funding for groups that obey a dissenting morality (Planned Parenthood, for example)? The Feds threaten to pull their/our money. It’s they favorite (and really only non-brutal) recourse.

So while Obama again attempts to bully charity groups on behalf of the tolerance mob, he’s teaching us a valuable lesson in government bribery. What if faith groups just said “no” to the drug of government dollars? The guv’ment would probably still come begging for your help, but their demands would hold no sway. Then religious groups, like most foreign countries, could laugh at Obama’s attempts to threaten them, and assert the only real response to his bullying: “bring it on.”

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