President Obama insists that any immigration bill that reaches his desk must have a “path to citizenship” for illegals – despite there being absolutely no chance that the GOP controlled House will include it.


President Barack Obama said Tuesday an immigration reform bill without a path to citizenship for those in the United States illegally “does not make sense.”

“It does not make sense to me, if we’re gonna make this once-in-a-generation effort to finally fix the system, to leave the status of 11 million people or so unresolved,” Obama said in an interview with a Telemundo-owned TV station in Denver.

President Obama is going to have to decide whether to take half a loaf on immigration or nothing at all. He can get his guest worker program, border security, visa reform, and perhaps even a modified DREAM Act.

What he won’t get is a path to citizenship. So if the entire bill is vetoed because it doesn’t have amnesty, the onus for failure will be on him.

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