Islamists around the world are setting their countries on fire.

Tunisia: In Tunis, Islamist protesters jumped over the wall of the U.S. Embasy compound, broke windows and set fire to trees; police fired tear gas at the protestors in order to stop tem. % protestors were wounded. An American school has been set on fire.

Sudan: Gunfire was heard at the U.S. Embassy. The German Embassy in Khartoum was invaded; 5000 protestors had circled the embassy as well as a nearby British mission. When the Islamists forced their way into the German Embassy, policemen simply stood aside.

Lebanon: One person was killed and two wounded when security forces fired on protesters in the northern city of Tripoli and a KFC was burned.

Yemen: Marines have been sent to the U.S. Embassy to ward off attacks.

Jordan: In the capital, Amman, members of the Islamist demonstrated in front of the U.S. Embassy holding up flags reading “Only one God and Mohammed is his Prophet.”

London: 200 protesters are burning USA and Israeli flags outside the US embassy in London.

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