After hearing Obama’s day-after-the-election speech, he doesn’t get the fact that the policies that he said that he’s still going to push for are what the country has rejected. For example:


  • Immigration.  There ARE laws about this. And he’s allowed them to be broken, and now wants to forgive the lawbreakers. Are we a country of laws or not?
  • Executive overreach. Instead of allowing the natural process of changing laws, he just enacts orders that override the process.
  • Judicial nullification of the will of the people. In that same line of violation, to further the liberal agenda, the votes of millions of people are overturned by JUST ONE judge here and there. This is arrogant and unjust and certainly violates “by the people.” They think that they know better than people and are willing to circumvent the law to impose their will. By the way, a side note regarding constitution and personal opinion. Personal opinion is shown to take precedent when the Supreme Court constantly votes 5 to 4. If intelligent analysis and not personal agendas were to prevail, it would always conclude 9 to 0.
  • True scientists, who aren’t blinded by ideology, and who’ve used REAL data, have repudiated global warming, which Obama still tries to acknowledge as fact.
  • Obama addressed the massive debt that students accumulate and how to relieve it. My personal take on college and the huge debt and liberal, atheistic indoctrination that goes along with it, has proven to be a waste of time and money for most people I know. And young people are being sold a bill of goods by thinking that college for most professions is necessary … especially the idea that a “well rounded” education (aka a lot of wasted years in unnecessary classes) is necessary and affordable. Apprenticeship programs (including paid ones at actual jobs) that focus only on developing the actual skills needed for the jobs is more realistic and practical.
  • Achievement and opportunity, as opposed to entitlements. This would be greatly helped if achievers were not branded as “geeks” and “nerds” while the rebels are praised as “cool.”
  • Appeasing liberal idealogs and their fanaticism about the environment, while being insensitive to REAL nature (e.g. killing babies in the womb and massive STDs from bad sexual policies and practices).


And I didn’t even mention ObamaCare and the fact that a skilled job-creator like Romney would have made a much better president. Nor did I mention Benghazi, the IRS scandal, ISIS, Israel, etc.


Obama showed that he still has a propensity for the flowery speech that is so abused by politicians. Only time will tell if the election results have caused him to have a shift in wisdom for how to govern and follow the will of the people and not the misguided ideologies of a few. He hasn’t done that in the past.



Dennis Marcellino is the author of The Plague Of Liberalism ( His other books, CDs and DVDs can be seen at