We have to come to terms with the fact that emotional responses are needed to “get the vote out.” This is true for both political parties. One side will play decent and the other will (and is) playing dirty. However, what is going to happen, as a last straw, is that the Obama campaign will turn to the American people and play some type of “sympathy” to get his base to become energized to get out and vote. They will have the main stream media all over this as a way for the American people to ‘feel sorry for Obama.’

It is an age-old strategy play that happens in real life all the time. If the ducks are down, get people to ‘feel sorry for you’ is the most assured way to get to their hearts. Once this happens, then you are more than likely to agree and help them out. You will become ‘connected’ to those who you are feeling sorry for. It happens all the time in relationships, and this is something that is very human nature. Now we must be prepared to deal with a solid response to this rhetoric once the Democrat machine starts using it.

We can choose to ignore it and just know that only a moron would believe in feeling sorry for Obama.  Who in their right mind could ever believe to give him your vote because you feel sorry for him? It may sound ridiculous, but it will happen. However, there are swing voters out there who only pay casual attention to politics and it would be good to get them on notice for this tactic so they can also be ready. For instance, the Obama campaign can say they moved the DNC venue because of chance of storms. We know it is because of the image of having empty people and empty spots in a huge stadium that caused the most burn; not thunderstorms. So, those Democrats can tell us anything, it does make it the truth.

No matter the consequence, there are some who will believe it is because of a chance of storms and others will know the truth of the matter. We want to get those who can be persuaded to know they are being used and deceived by the Obama campaign. They will use certain tactics and they are going to be using them between now and the election. One of those the things we will hear are going to be “feel sorry for him (Obama).” It is going to happen and we need to be ready to dispel this feeling because it can grow and morph.

So, I am asking you, my fellow American Patriots, to express what YOU would say as a response to a report that tries to get you to ‘feel sorry for Obama?’ What would you say to convince those who are more in the middle to not believe in this nonsense otherwise?