Obama is unifying the two minority groups, which together account for almost 90 million Americans and nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population, in a sense of shared disillusionment.

To be clear, majorities of both communities still approve of the job that Obama is doing as president. A Gallup poll released last month found that 85 percent of African-Americans and 54 percent of Latinos applaud Obama’s job performance.

But both those percentages are down from what they were in previous months. So much so that they either set or tied new lows. For various reasons, there are many disappointed people in these two communities that tend to give Obama high marks.

As loyal as most African-Americans are to Obama, there is a contingent of activists, intellectuals, and media personalities within the black community who are angry with him for abandoning some of their causes and focusing his attention elsewhere. And interestingly enough, when you hear these African-Americans talk freely about what they think Obama has done wrong, it sounds an awful lot like what Latinos are saying.

He is too quick to compromise with opponents, and cave in on his principles. Check.

He is foolishly wasting his time trying to please people who will only be pleased when he is removed from office. Check.

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