In the face of Obama’s ongoing propaganda campaign to blame his failed policies and faltering economy on what amounts to a 2% budget cut, we’re seeing small pockets of excellent reporting on sequestration, and this includes the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler. Kessler’s already exposed Obama’s scare tactics as lies twice this week. Yesterday Kessler hit the trifecta with this report blowing a hole in Obama’s lie about Capitol Hill janitors receiving pay cuts:

Here’s President Obama during his news conference yesterday saying something that is absolutely, one-hundred percent false.

Starting tomorrow everybody here, all the folks who are cleaning the floors at the Capitol. Now that Congress has left, somebody’s going to be vacuuming and cleaning those floors and throwing out the garbage. They’re going to have less pay. The janitors, the security guards, they just got a pay cut, and they’ve got to figure out how to manage that. That’s real.

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