Give everyone what you owe him…if respect, than respect, if honor, then honor. Romans 13:7


We are commanded to give honor where honor is due.  This principle seems to be lost in the Obama administration.

On July 27th Colonel Bud Day passed away and on August 1st admirers mourned his loss with a memorial service in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  The number of dignitaries and people who wanted to show honor for this fallen hero was so large no local church could hold the crowd.  The local convention center was reserved and still it was a standing room only event.

Until his death, Bud Day was the most highly decorated living military warrior in America. In addition to the Medal of Honor, Colonel Day earned 70 military decorations—most of them for combat. Did anyone see the memo to fly all flags at half staff for this hero?

Did anyone hear the president say anything or express his regrets?  After all, the president is the guy who calls professors arrested for resisting arrest, college students who are insulted by Rush Limbaugh, and gay couples who are getting married.  But apparently in this administration, military heroes don’t rate—not even a word. This is the same pretend commander in chief who expressed zero regret or condolences when another American hero, Chris Kyle, was murdered a year ago.  Obama’s practice of worshiping and praising of our enemies while ignoring those who are truly responsible for our freedom is troubling to say the least.  Acknowledging those who honorably served, another concept the president doesn’t grasp, when they die is not only expected of America’s president, is the right thing to do for their families. To acknowledge those responsible for the freedom he has to log vacation miles on the tax payer’s dollars would require Obama to think beyond himself and his next vacation.

There are not that many living Medal of Honor recipients in the United States.  With only 78 of them, they should be easy to keep track of. It would seem that these individuals, who have been awarded the highest honor our nation bestows on a military man, most awarded by the POTUS, would be kept track of by the White House staff or someone in the presidents inner circle.  By the very definition of the award, when one of these individuals dies, a part of the best our nation has to offer goes with him.

I am floored when a real hero of three wars, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam with over military 70 decorations, including the Medal of Honor, passes away there is no mention from the Commander in Chief.  The silence of the president speaks volumes as to how he really feels about the U.S. military, or just how out of touch he is, and how unworthy he is to be the leader of the greatest nation in the world.  This lack of understanding and his distaste for the military raises serious questions.   Can it be that the man who was sold to us as the first post-racial president, but has done nothing but stoke the fires of race tension, plays favorites?  Did our first post-racial president ignore this hero as well as Chris Kyle because they are white, conservative, Republican, Christian and traditional family men, each married to a woman? Or is his administration truly so shallow that Obama staffers keep track of only isolated, irrelevant incidents of no importance while missing the truly important stories.

In a day and age where America could really use some heroes who are strong positive role models the only place we see them is at the funeral home.  The folks that are our elected leaders in Washington D.C. are too busy enriching themselves to take a moment to honor good men like Bud Day.  Having caught the “Potomac Fever” their desire is for greater personal wealth and power not serving the American people who sent them to D.C.

For Obama to engage in what is going on with America and praise an American hero he would have to stop thinking about himself.  He would also have to pull his head out of the sand, or somewhere else, and stop telling his lies while continuing his 24-7-365 campaigning.  Unfortunately his focus has always been and will continue to be on himself and selling his snake oil, but that should be no surprise.  By now we have learned that the community organizer, if he was ever good at organizing, is not good at leading.  The self-congratulatory life of celebrity and leisure led by this president shows that he is not interested in American heroes, or America. Rather, all he does revolves around his goal of a post American World; a goal that makes me want to Ovomit!.