Is anyone impressed?
Check it out:

In an effort to reassure the public that nurses treating Ebola patients in the United States will not contract Ebola if they follow Centers for Disease Control “protocols,” because “these protocols work…if they’re done properly,” President Barack Obama revealed yesterday that he personally “hugged and kissed” two nruses who had treated an Ebola patient at Emery hospital in Atlanta.

“The key thing to understand about this disease is that these protocols work,” Obama said in a statement delivered at the White House early yesterday evening. “We know that because they’ve been used for decades now in Ebola cases around the world, including the cases that were treated in Emory and in Nebraska. So if they’re done properly, they work. But we have to make sure that, understandably, certain local hospitals that may not have that experience are walked through that process as carefully as possible and we’re going to make sure that this rapid response team can do that.”

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