Next verse same as last.

The man dubbed the leader of the free world — beset by foreign and domestic policy crises, sinking in the opinion polls, and just clipped by the Supreme Court — told a gathering in Minnesota Thursday that he’s looking forward to spending a “couple days here in the Twin Cities.”

“I’ve been really looking forward to — to getting out of D.C.,” the president said, getting a laugh in return. “Our agenda’s still a little loose. You know, I might pop in for some ice cream or visit a small business. I don’t know, I’m just going to make it up as I go along.”

A subdued president of the United States told the gathering that he’s like a “caged bear,” who every once in a while breaks loose. “And I — I’m feeling super loose today. So — so you don’t know what I might do. You don’t know what I might do. Who knows?”

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