As Americans survey the mess President Obama and his fellow liberals in Congress have made of the economy, many of them chalk it up to incompetence and attribute his incompetence to inexperience.  However, viewing the president as that poor inexperienced man in the White House who is trying hard but just doesn’t know what he is doing is mistake.  President Obama appears incompetent only if the observer fails to realize what the president is trying to accomplish: advancing the left’s pro-government, pro-taxation, anti-free market agenda.  When one understands the president’s agenda, the poor inexperienced man in the White House can be seen for what he really is: a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When it comes to advancing the left’s agenda, Barack Obama is anything but incompetent.  He knows exactly what he is doing, and like all demagogues, will not be deterred by facts, evidence, or advice that run counter to his preconceived notions.  Barack Obama and his fellow travelers on the left will not be content until the United States of America is transformed into the United Socialist States of America, a European-like nation in which government controls every aspect of daily life.  For those who defend the President by claiming that he is a statist not a socialist, I respond that statism is to socialism what the acorn is to the oak.

In his book, Welcome to Obamaland: I have Seen your Future and it Doesn’t Work, British journalist James Delingpole sends an ominous message to all Americans.  “This would be my first warning to you: if you think your president…can’t do any serious harm to your vast, resilient country, that their socialist bromides might not, in the end, mark ‘the end of the American idea’ (to quote Mark Steyn)—well, you’re quite wrong.  Smiling socialists can do a great deal of damage indeed.”

Delingpole says that he has already experienced in Great Britain what is happening in under President Obama. Delingpole’s book summarizes the sorry state of Great Britain’s economy and British society in general in the wake of Tony Blair’s socialist retreat from the hard-won reforms of Margaret Thatcher’s administration.  He describes how the everyday freedoms of British citizens in “…the world’s oldest democracy were increasingly circumscribed by petty, micromanaging, nanny-ish laws governing every aspect of our behavior from the games our kids could play at school, to the kind of light bulbs we could use, to how often we could dispose of our trash, to the sort of jokes it was permissible to tell.”  This should sound familiar to Americans who are paying attention.